A Story Worth Celebrating

As we celebrate our fifteenth year, we are reminded that the greatest of successes most often begins with the spark of an idea. Spreadshirt is the brainchild of founders Lukasz Gadowski und Matthias Spieß. What began as a two-man team working from a university basement, has grown into a booming international business with over 750 employees and more than 70,000 active partners. Please join us in celebrating 15 years of an incredible success story!

From the Click of a Mouse to Arrival at Your House

See how your order makes it from our factory floor to your front door.

15 Years of Spreadshirt: An Inside Look

Don’t talk, just do it. – How Spreadshirt Came to Life

15 years after starting as a basement experiment, Spreadshirt is now the market-leader in Europe and a major player in North America. It may sound like a fairy-tale, but Lukasz’ recipe for success is actually quite simple, “Don’t talk, just do it.“ read more

Icons, Politics and Gangstas: 15 years of T-Shirt Designs

Spreadshirt 15th anniversary is a very big reason to celebrate. As we approach the cusp of our business-youthfulness, we’d like to honor all those who have raised attention with t-shirt designs during the last 15 years. read more