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Pi Day Shirts Pi Day Shirts: You’re So Irrational! 10. March 2016 by Eckhard - Every March 14th (3.14), the world of number crunchers and math maniacs pays homage to the most famous of all the irrational numbers. The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, aka the irrational … Read more
Say it with a shirt Out of the Old and into the New: Bucking Valentine’s Trends of Yesteryear 5. February 2016 by Eckhard - Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day is largely clichéd with the whole dozen long stem roses, heart-shaped boxful of chocolates routine. Let’s turn over a new leaf, shall we? So many of the Valentine’s has-beens can … Read more
Editing pictures for photo gifts Editing pictures for photo gifts 1. February 2016 by Eckhard - We recently shed light on how to take pretty pictures with your smartphone, and now we want to share a few editing tips to get the best out of those photos. Lend a sparkle of … Read more
5 Languages of Love Speaking the 5 Languages of Love 29. January 2016 by Eckhard - Some may seek to declare their love with Gifts, whereas others think it okay to ignore the holiday hype and express their love in smaller, everyday gestures. Both are fine, one would think, as long … Read more
geek T-shirts Top 6 geek T-shirts – as geeky as it gets 12. January 2016 by Eckhard - What’s your geek quotient? Some may say a geek is just a computer nerd who observes the world from behind thick glasses as others steal his sandwiches. Others claim a geek’s a pimply kid with … Read more
personalized mugs Your New Year’s Resolutions on Personalized Mugs 6. January 2016 by Eckhard - Everything will change this year. Guaranteed. And if things don’t change immediately, you should at least have a reassuring mantra to remind you of what you resolved to change—more exercise, less booze, no smoking and … Read more
blog_aotm_fridaycat FridayCat 22. December 2015 by Eckhard -   For all you feline fanatics out there, have we got a Designer of the Month for you! Break out the cat nip and tune up your scratching posts as we sit down with uber-popular designer FridayCat! Delve … Read more
ugly christmas sweater Ugly Christmas Designs: Oh, Lordy, That’s Ugly! 10. December 2015 by Eckhard - Ugly Christmas sweaters have long been a tradition come the holidays. People will dig deeply into the deepest, darkest reaches of mothball-laden closets for the itchiest, ugliest, most unbearably-hideous Christmas sweaters they can get their … Read more
How to Make Perfect Smartphone Photo Gifts How to Make Perfect Smartphone Photo Gifts 8. December 2015 by Eckhard - This could just be the savior of your season. If your smartphone is brimming with snapshots of good times spent with friends and family, and you’re now looking for presents for those people, here’s a … Read more
The Ultimate Gift Guide The Ultimate Gift Guide 4. December 2015 by Eckhard - Christmas giving is a moral dilemma.  What should I get?  Will they like it?  How much should I spend?  Are they going to spend that much on me?  The questions and mind games are enough … Read more
blog_aotm_ivejustquitsmoking ivejustquitsmoking 20. November 2015 by Eckhard - Thanks for taking the time to sit and have a chat with us, and congratulations on becoming Spreadshirt’s Designer of the Month for November, ivejustquitsmoking! We can see in your User Profile that you have … Read more
Meet a Spreadster: Thomas Spieß Meet a Spreadster: Thomas Spieß 12. November 2015 by Leila - Thomas Spieß printed his first Spreadshirt tee in the year 2004. Back then he would never have guessed that he’d still be a Spreadster 11 years down the road. Find out how the IT brain … Read more
The Hideous and Hysterical Hoodie Monster The Hideous and Hysterical Hoodie Monster 29. October 2015 by Eckhard - If you’re looking for a quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume that’s sure to get a reaction, we’ve got a DIY get-up that doesn’t require anything more than a hoodie. The hideous and hysterical Halloween … Read more
Beard T-Shirts: Excuse me, miss; my eyes are up here Beard T-Shirts: Excuse me, miss; my eyes are up here 26. October 2015 by Leila - No matter the term of endearment you choose for your beard—chin curtain, crumb catcher, nose neighbor, etc.—there’s no denying the intoxicating and alluring effects of some finely-grown facial foliage. Spreadshirt has some ridiculously manly and … Read more
Music and Spreadsters: A Colorful Design Music and Spreadsters: A Colorful Design 26. October 2015 by Eckhard - For many people, music is much more than just background filler. Music is the soundtrack of our lives. It can mark certain occasions in our memories, make us laugh or cry, help us relax or … Read more
blog_aotm_magnaen Magnaen 20. October 2015 by Eckhard - In this month’s installment of Designer of the Month, we sit down with Magnaen, self-described “6 year old boy in the body of a 26 year old man-child”, and dig deeply into the inner working … Read more
The Future of Fashion The Future of Fashion in 2045 20. October 2015 by Eckhard - Dream on. You’re in Doc Brown’s DeLorean with the pedal to the metal. A flash of lightning is about to strike and send 1.21 gigawatts of raw, unfiltered power coursing down the tubes of the … Read more
Office Dogs Feral Fun with the Spreadshirt Dogs 9. October 2015 by Eckhard - Hard working poochies at Spreadshirt make sure it’s all but a dog’s life in the office. Our staff’s best friends have become an integral part of the company culture, and they make rolling around the … Read more
blog_aotm_linedraw linedraw 22. September 2015 by Rob -   Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Please stand and give a round of applause for linedraw, September’s Designer of the Month! linedraw’s sketch style and creative motifs have earned him quite a following in … Read more
Now that’s Fresh! Now that’s Fresh! 21. September 2015 by Leila - Fall has arrived, and with it the sights and sounds of cooler weather that enliven the spirit and invigorate the soul. Hustling the kids off to school, weekend trips to see the foliage and endless … Read more

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blog_bestseller-designs_main_US Top 5 T-Shirt of the Day Designs 23. May 2016 by Rob - We’ve been scouring the prolific depths of Spreadshirt’s T-Shirt of the Day campaign and have come across some juicy tid bits of creative mastery that we can’t help but share. You can feast on these … Read more
blog_inspirational-blogs_final Creative Resources around the Web 23. May 2016 by Rob - Whether you’re an illustrator, a photographer, a graffiti artist or perhaps a t-shirt designer, inspiration for your art can come from anywhere. It may be as simple as walking down the street, drawing ideas from … Read more
blog_ssp-design-contest Design Contest: Harness Your Inner Spreadshirt – $750 to the Winner 11. May 2016 by Lena - You’re creative, you run a SpeadShop, and you’re a whiz at selling your art and products by promoting and gaining exposure online. So here’s the big question: with your vast array of design and marketing … Read more
blog_brand_mainteaser-part01_us How to turn your Shop into a memorable brand 29. April 2016 by Lena - Part 1: Why do I need brand recognition? “Uniqueness of a brand” is the art of being recognized due to a special character or exceptional features. Your “brand” distinguishes you from others and helps to … Read more
blog_migration-comission_us The New Commission Model is Launched 22. April 2016 by Lena - We have already detailed how you can increase your earnings with the Affiliate Commission and Volume Commission in previous posts.  After the jump, you can find all the details about when things will start happening … Read more
blog_instagram-tips_01-mainteaser Gain Exposure for Your Designs with Instagram 14. April 2016 by Rob - Instagram is a very popular social network that’s fully dedicated to visual art in all of its shapes and forms. You can use it to promote your designs and draw public attention to your Shop. … Read more
blog_comission_short-intro_US Volume Commission & Monthly Payouts: The Breakdown 11. April 2016 by Leila - The following article will break down the next components to the commission model restructure: the Volume Commission and monthly payouts. The Volume Commission The important facts about the Volume Commission The Volume Commission is a … Read more
blog_fb-ads Facebook Ads – Tips for Shop Partners 29. March 2016 by Leila - Many successful Spreadshirt Shop Partners are heavily engaged in social networking and use a large range of portals to interact with their target audiences. Some of our Partners also promote their designs and products with … Read more
blog_typo-trends_en This Isn’t a Typo 18. March 2016 by Leila - Design Trend: Typography T-shirts are the perfect vehicle to transport messages. Sparkling wit on statement tees in the guise of witty typography gets a lot of recognition these days. There’s a whole creative world beyond … Read more
blog_comission Q&A Session: The Affiliate Commission 16. March 2016 by Leila - Spreadshirt is ready to put your Shop on the global market! Doing so requires a commission solution that’s flexible enough to adjust to changing market situations while minimizing your efforts at the same time. We’re … Read more
blog_comission_short-intro_NA New Commission Model Part I: The Affiliate Commission 16. March 2016 by Leila - With the commission model changes slated for the beginning of May, Spreadshirt Shop Partners will experience much greater Shop flexibility, a significant decrease in administrative work and new ways to earn on the global market. … Read more
blog_tutorial-inkscape_en Vectorizing with Inkscape: A Tutorial 1. March 2016 by Leila - Back by popular demand, and thanks to a lot of positive feedback from our Partners and blog readers, we bring you another helpful and informative tutorial straight from our design experts in the Asset Management … Read more
blog_springtrends_us Spring Trends 2016 29. February 2016 by Leila - Looking for some fashion and design inspirations, we had some of our interns poke around Vogue Magazine’s site and were pleasantly surprised (and sometimes baffled) at what the world of high fashion has on tap … Read more
blog_design-contest_gaming_en Gamers Unite! The #spreadgaming Design Contest is Here! 23. February 2016 by Leila - Whether you’re crushing candy, whipping the newest sports car down the highway, ridding the world of aliens or testing your vocabulary against your friend’s, you can’t deny that there’s a little bit of gamer in … Read more
blog_st-pat_us_lucky-charms It Ain’t Easy Being Green 16. February 2016 by Leila - Lads and lassies, little did ye know, but St. Patty’s Day marks Spreadshirt Partners’ most profitable holiday after Christmas. Who’d have thought that 16 centuries after the death of ol’ Patty, his Irish affiliations and … Read more
blog_trendtopics_en Trend Report: Winter Designs 16. February 2016 by Leila - A thorough investigation into search and design analysis numbers provides us with our quarterly look into trending topics from November 2015 through January 2016 on both the Spreadshirt Marketplace and Google. According to countless Partners … Read more
Blog As You Like – What’s Happening on Spreadshirt’s Blog? 16. February 2016 by Eckhard - The Spreadshirt Blog is a place where you can read up on all kinds of useful information about your Shop, read and offer helpful advice for creating new designs, have the opportunity to exchange ideas … Read more
blog_sales-overview_us Our Top 3 Tees of 2015 2. February 2016 by Leila - With 2015 fading further and further into the rear view mirror, we take a look back at our top three best-selling tees in hopes of learning from our past and preparing (our Shops) for the … Read more
final_us-blog_design-mainteaser_US Top 5 Designs that Help Let the Love Light Shine this Valentine’s Day 18. January 2016 by Leila - Finding the right gift to make February 14th a day to remember can be a tricky thing. Walking the stale path of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates, a dozen long-stemmed roses and reservations at a … Read more
blog_pantone-of-the-year Pantone Trend Colors 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity 18. January 2016 by Leila - Last year, the red’s earthy-dark sister color Marsala took center stage in fashion and designing circles all over the world. Well the game has changed in 2016, with soft, gentle pastels finding the spotlight. The … Read more

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