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blog_designer-in-spreadshop_en It’s Here! Integrate the T-Shirt Designer into Your Shop. 2. December 2016 by Lena - You can now offer your customers more choice and earn more in the process by integrating Spreadshirt’s T-Shirt Designer directly into your Shop.  Your customers can adjust and personalize your designs or create their own … Read more
blog_international-publishing New Partner Area: Your Designs are Going International 22. November 2016 by Lena - This article is only relevant for users of the new partner area. This. Is. Big. Your designs are about to go international! Moving forward, uploading your designs to Spreadshirt will mean automatic translation and publication … Read more
blog_placeit Placeit: Customizable Advertising Material for Your Shop 21. November 2016 by Rob - Have you ever tried to retouch a picture in order to integrate your design? If so, you surely know that it takes a long time, and getting a natural-looking result is not easy. Fortunately there’s … Read more
blog_illustrator-tools_main-teaser 3 Illustrator Tools for More Variety 9. November 2016 by Rob - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW… many Spreadshirt designers (or any designer, for that matter) swear by the “three kings” of image processing software, but there are some challengers to the crown that we’d like … Read more
blog_niche-searchterm 9 Insider Tips for Marketplace Designers 8. November 2016 by Rob - No matter what people come searching for on Spreadshirt’s Marketplace, they are sure to get pages and pages filled with designs. There is, however, still potential for some nice earnings in a few niche areas … Read more
blog_views_in_shop Design View or Product View: Which is Best? 2. November 2016 by Rob - The new Spreadshop is chockful of tools and settings you can use to change the look and feel of your Shop.  The “Product List” setting (Shop Settings => Edit => Layout => Product List) enables … Read more
blog_tutorial Adobe Illustrator – Creating Custom Brushes 21. October 2016 by Rob - Here’s a designer you should give more than just a cursory glance: VectorInk is an active Spreadshirt designer who creates her own brushes in a matter of clicks. Adobe Illustrator allows you to easily adjust … Read more
blog_xmas-prep Tips for a Successful Christmas 19. October 2016 by Rob - Let’s put all the candy cane hanging and gingerbread house baking aside for a second and face the no-frills reality: above all, Christmas is business. Your ticket for the gravy train comes with offering gift … Read more
blog_partnertips Essential Design Tips – Lines, Texture and Color 7. October 2016 by Rob - There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and even more ways to create t-shirt designs. After an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our first installment of design tips, we decided to put together four … Read more
blog_pa-update_sept New Partner Area Project: Multi-Product Creation 26. September 2016 by Lena - Developing a new Partner Area that quickly and efficiently enables you to profit from your drive and talent is Spreadshirt’s top priority.  Helping turn your designs into dollars is at the forefront of many of … Read more
blog_top-search-terms Trending: Top Search Terms from June – August, 2016 23. September 2016 by Rob - Each quarter, Spreadshirt analysts dig deeply into the numbers to bring you the top design-related search terms from both Spreadshirt and Google.  Getting some insight into what the masses have been searching for is a … Read more
blog_trends_de A Color, A Design, A Trend 19. September 2016 by Rob - Keeping your finger on the pulse of the fashion world is a particularly good tool when it comes to staying ahead of the curve with your Shop.  Knowing what’s trending in terms of colors, designs … Read more
blog_hipster-tut_mainteaser Sk8 or Die: Take a Spin with Marketplace Designer Redwane 1. September 2016 by Rob - Spreadshirt artist Redwane has been one of our community’s most successful designers for years— all the more reason to get excited when he provides insight into his creative process. Here’s a pic-by-pic tutorial of his … Read more
blog_typical-mistakes The Three Most Common Mistakes of Marketplace Sellers 31. August 2016 by Rob - The Spreadshirt Marketplace brings creative professionals and design enthusiasts together in one place; and setting yourself apart from the clip-arty, cookie-cutter crowd is the secret to selling success. To reach a large-market audience as quickly … Read more
blog_product-spotlight_mainteaser_us A Brand Apart: The Spreadshirt Collection 31. August 2016 by Rob - When you establish a clothing line that bears your company name, you’re holding a mirror up to yourself.  Its quality, durability, reliability, printability—all of its features will become synonymous with your company name; so ensuring … Read more
blog_seo-tips Better Meta Tags for Better Biz 26. August 2016 by Rob - Ever wondered how you could improve your website’s Google ranking? The good news is that it doesn’t involve a two-week course in the arts of geeky wizardry. All you need to do is lay down … Read more
blog_graphicservice Help! Save Your Designs with Spreadshirt’s Graphics Service 26. August 2016 by Rob - Working with Photoshop and Illustrator takes a lot of getting used to. You practically have to take a college course to fully understand all of the programs’ tools and features. In order to create a … Read more
blog_releases-cw33 SpreadShop: New CSS classification and deep-linking structure 15. August 2016 by Leila - We are continually improving the SpreadShop and its administration, and there’s a lot of work done behind the scenes to make your experience a better one. Occasionally, some adjustments may have a direct impact on … Read more
blog_comic-style-tut_mainteaser Guest Blogger DJ Coffman Teaches Us How to Create Great Comic-Inspired Designs 12. August 2016 by Rob - By day, D.J. Coffman is an art director with Spreadshirt North America; but by night, he steps into a phone booth and dons a cape and red vinyl boots, moonlighting as a very well-known comic … Read more
blog_typicalmistakes 3 Common Mistakes when Selling Artwork 25. July 2016 by Rob - They say that the first step is always the hardest, and this adage certainly hold true when it comes to getting a successful Shop off the ground. You think you’ve got it all sorted, but … Read more

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blog_aotm_hanami_feat-image_en In the Studio with Hanami 30. November 2016 by Lena - Thank you for taking the time for this interview! Your moniker, “Hanami”, is the name of the Japanese cherry-blossom festival and plays on your penchant for Japanese traditions and art. What significance do Japan and … Read more
blog_aotm_kunstvibe_feat-image_en In the Studio with Kunstvibe 28. October 2016 by Lena - Vanessa Uher, aka Kunstvibe, talks us through this issue of Spreadshirt’s In the Studio with… She fills us in on how she became a painter and designer, all while travelling the world without losing her … Read more
blog_ITSW_donroamos_mainteaser In the Studio with Don Ramos 26. September 2016 by Lena - Take a big bowl of Halloween, throw in a heaping spoonful of some freakish creatures, blend gently with some vintage rockabilly, tropical beaches and armed elephants, throw it all in the oven for 25 minutes … Read more
blog_aotm_namo_mainteaser In the Studio with Namo 25. August 2016 by Lena - A unique style and a palette of choice colors are not enough for Namo. His hands wrapped firmly around the Spreadshirt Marketplace, he’s got bigger things in mind. In this interview you can find out … Read more
Pi Day Shirts Pi Day Shirts: You’re So Irrational! 10. March 2016 by Eckhard - Every March 14th (3.14), the world of number crunchers and math maniacs pays homage to the most famous of all the irrational numbers. The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, aka the irrational … Read more
Say it with a shirt Out of the Old and into the New: Bucking Valentine’s Trends of Yesteryear 5. February 2016 by Eckhard - Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day is largely clichéd with the whole dozen long stem roses, heart-shaped boxful of chocolates routine. Let’s turn over a new leaf, shall we? So many of the Valentine’s has-beens can … Read more
Editing pictures for photo gifts Editing pictures for photo gifts 1. February 2016 by Eckhard - We recently shed light on how to take pretty pictures with your smartphone, and now we want to share a few editing tips to get the best out of those photos. Lend a sparkle of … Read more
5 Languages of Love Speaking the 5 Languages of Love 29. January 2016 by Eckhard - Some may seek to declare their love with Gifts, whereas others think it okay to ignore the holiday hype and express their love in smaller, everyday gestures. Both are fine, one would think, as long … Read more
geek T-shirts Top 6 geek T-shirts – as geeky as it gets 12. January 2016 by Eckhard - What’s your geek quotient? Some may say a geek is just a computer nerd who observes the world from behind thick glasses as others steal his sandwiches. Others claim a geek’s a pimply kid with … Read more
personalized mugs Your New Year’s Resolutions on Personalized Mugs 6. January 2016 by Eckhard - Everything will change this year. Guaranteed. And if things don’t change immediately, you should at least have a reassuring mantra to remind you of what you resolved to change—more exercise, less booze, no smoking and … Read more
blog_aotm_fridaycat FridayCat 22. December 2015 by Eckhard -   For all you feline fanatics out there, have we got a Designer of the Month for you! Break out the cat nip and tune up your scratching posts as we sit down with uber-popular designer FridayCat! Delve … Read more
ugly christmas sweater Ugly Christmas Designs: Oh, Lordy, That’s Ugly! 10. December 2015 by Eckhard - Ugly Christmas sweaters have long been a tradition come the holidays. People will dig deeply into the deepest, darkest reaches of mothball-laden closets for the itchiest, ugliest, most unbearably-hideous Christmas sweaters they can get their … Read more
How to Make Perfect Smartphone Photo Gifts How to Make Perfect Smartphone Photo Gifts 8. December 2015 by Eckhard - This could just be the savior of your season. If your smartphone is brimming with snapshots of good times spent with friends and family, and you’re now looking for presents for those people, here’s a … Read more
The Ultimate Gift Guide The Ultimate Gift Guide 4. December 2015 by Eckhard - Christmas giving is a moral dilemma.  What should I get?  Will they like it?  How much should I spend?  Are they going to spend that much on me?  The questions and mind games are enough … Read more
blog_aotm_ivejustquitsmoking ivejustquitsmoking 20. November 2015 by Eckhard - Thanks for taking the time to sit and have a chat with us, and congratulations on becoming Spreadshirt’s Designer of the Month for November, ivejustquitsmoking! We can see in your User Profile that you have … Read more
Meet a Spreadster: Thomas Spieß Meet a Spreadster: Thomas Spieß 12. November 2015 by Leila - Thomas Spieß printed his first Spreadshirt tee in the year 2004. Back then he would never have guessed that he’d still be a Spreadster 11 years down the road. Find out how the IT brain … Read more
The Hideous and Hysterical Hoodie Monster The Hideous and Hysterical Hoodie Monster 29. October 2015 by Eckhard - If you’re looking for a quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume that’s sure to get a reaction, we’ve got a DIY get-up that doesn’t require anything more than a hoodie. The hideous and hysterical Halloween … Read more
Beard T-Shirts: Excuse me, miss; my eyes are up here Beard T-Shirts: Excuse me, miss; my eyes are up here 26. October 2015 by Leila - No matter the term of endearment you choose for your beard—chin curtain, crumb catcher, nose neighbor, etc.—there’s no denying the intoxicating and alluring effects of some finely-grown facial foliage. Spreadshirt has some ridiculously manly and … Read more
Music and Spreadsters: A Colorful Design Music and Spreadsters: A Colorful Design 26. October 2015 by Eckhard - For many people, music is much more than just background filler. Music is the soundtrack of our lives. It can mark certain occasions in our memories, make us laugh or cry, help us relax or … Read more
blog_aotm_magnaen Magnaen 20. October 2015 by Eckhard - In this month’s installment of Designer of the Month, we sit down with Magnaen, self-described “6 year old boy in the body of a 26 year old man-child”, and dig deeply into the inner working … Read more

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