7 Easy Ways of Putting the Tee in Typography Shirts

7 Easy Ways of Putting the Tee in Typography Shirts

Typography designs on T-shirts and other apparel have been all the rage in the past few years. We’ve put together some of the hottest trends and inspiring ideas for you to create your own kick-ass typography gear.

1. Simple heavy fonts

Nothing screams a message quite like a heavy-handed font that says it like it is, bold and big. The best way to get your message across will always be by using a bold typeface in capital letters. Most effective is a combination of a lighter colour for the font on a darker background. You can spread the laughter and cheers by customizing your shirt, clothing or accessories with positive messages that everyone can associate with. And you’ll be sure to conjure up smiles on people’s faces!

2. Adding designs for effect

Put a playful emphasis on your message by adding a simple yet effective design. Use a simple design from our huge pool of designs to put an emphasis on the message or use an image figuratively by showing people what pun you had in mind.

3. Maxi Typography

Talking about the big effect – splitting a single word into several lines will give your message a very powerful delivery. Choose a word with at least three syllables and split it up in its constituent parts. The effects can be mind-blowing on a custom neon hoodie personalized with atomic typography.

4. Combining different typographic fonts

This is another very popular method for creating customized clothing and accessories with a combination of fonts. The good news is, there are no rules – everything is allowed. Have fun playing around with different fonts and sizes until you get the desired effect. And you’ll be sure to create a one-of-a-kind item nobody else in this world has but you.

5. Using special fonts

This one is a firm favorite among kids in particular. You’ll find a dozen fun typography design to customize your tees and sweaters for children. The Animals font is especially great fun as it gives kids a chance to discover animals in every letter of the alphabet.

6. Bending the text

A little curvature can make a world of a difference. After entering your text in the Customizer Tool, you can go ahead and apply the “Bend text” feature to give the text an upward or downward curvature of up to 180°. Spruce up the optics by adding a second text field that you can bend in the opposite direction. In our example we’ve also added a second colour to come up with a funky typography design.

7. Velvety prints

It’s hard to see on the screen, but in the flesh it brings out the best in typography. Velvety prints are thicker than digital-direct prints and stick out about 1/8” on the garment’s fabrics. The print is soft to the touch and very durable. After clicking on the text colour, you can change the print method from the default Digital Direct to Flock Print (velvety).

How are you getting on with the text feature? Any questions? Pleas do let us know!

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  1. Exactly what I needed, I really like customized T-shirts rather than a blank t-shirt. I had screen print with my own design its very cool. I like your article keep posting.

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