Father’s Day Gifts with a Personal Touch

Father’s Day Gifts with a Personal Touch

We know, it’s difficult. What can you get the old man who claims he has everything, doesn’t need anything, is just happy to disappear in the basement or garage for hours on end to spend some quality time with his tools. We’ve put some thought into it and put together a sweet selection of custom father’s day gifts. If only to let him know that all his dad jokes haven’t been told in vain.

The Dad Joke T-Shirt

We’re sure you’ve heard your share in your lifetime. What’s an alligator in a vest? An investigator. Do you know that I once ate a clock? It was very time consuming. When does a joke become a dad joke? When the punchline becomes apparent. What? A parent.

This could be your chance to give the old man something to think and laugh about. Just imagine him unwrapping your custom dad joke shirt, looking at you all confused at first. What came first, dad?

The King of the Grill apron

All dads respond well to flattery. All dads! Tell him that he’s very good at what he likes doing in his leisure time. Tell him he’s the best. There is no one else who can chargrill the steaks anyway near as good as him. Print it on an apron. He’ll melt.

The Slothfather Hoodie

Does your dad have a spirit animal? A quick survey conducted among our office peeps had a clear winner within seconds: the sloth. A lot of dads seem to feel the full weight of gravity whenever they get close to the couch. And then there’s the all-protecting attitude when it comes to giving the remote control a permanent home in his caring hands. The way he tenderly caresses the zapper until he finds a sports channel so he can kick back and relax a little more. Ain’t no sloth time like dad’s sloth time.

The New Favorite Jar

Let’s face it: most dads just love a drink. Can he wait for beer o’clock or does he shamelessly hit the fridge before noon at the weekends? Whatever his tipple, a ripple of happy laughter will be your reward when you give your dad this mason jar gift. Customize the word drink and change it to his favorite beverage, and you’ll make his day.

The Classic Father’s Day Gift

We’ve chosen a mug, but you can swap it for any kind of piece of apparel or accessory. Sometimes you forget that your dad’s the man who carried you on his strong shoulders to show you the world when you were little. He’s the one who did everything he could to put you on your way to becoming the responsible adult you are now. And he’s the guy who loves you much more than he’ll ever say. He’s the best dad ever.

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