Custom Stickers Are Go!

Custom Stickers Are Go!

The latest edition to our create your own assortment is now here, custom stickers! Yes, you can now create your own unique vinyl stickers. Add any design, text, or photo you like. Available in three different finishes, matt, gloss or with a clear background. These hard wearing, waterproof stickers are already proving a great additional to our range and flying out of our production facilities. The stickers are die-cut ensuring perfect perforation and crisp sharp edges to your sticker, giving a very professional feel.

4 tips for promoting your business with custom stickers

Custom stickers for business are a great way to engage with your clients and help spread your brand and message. High quality stickers can be used in several ways for businesses looking to enhance their brand. From giveaways to building brand loyalty. Custom stickers for small businesses allow a brand to grow and showcase their personality in a fun and creative way. When creating customized stickers for business purposes it is important to remember these 4 important tips.

  1. Make your brand stand out – It’s no good creating high quality stickers that everyone wants to get their hands on, if it doesn’t make it clear what brand they belong to. You don’t need to go overboard with printing your logo on stickers. Try using distinctive colors and fonts along with recognizable imagery associated with you brand and products. This will mean that people will know what the sticker stands for.
  2. Quality is important – If you’re using your stickers as a promotional giveaway, or to reward your loyal customers you want the best quality. You don’t want to be giving away something which will fade or peel away. Our stickers are printed on durable vinyl, and waterproof so won’t disappoint.
  3. Order in Bulk – Even when making custom stickers for small businesses it makes sense to purchase in bulk. Meaning you enjoy the best prices, and ensure you’re never caught short without a sticker to hand. Just get out there and spread you brand.
  4. Get your stickers seen – Once you have a bundle of stickers, it’s time to get them out there. Share them with of your (potential) customers and fans. Get them out there where they will be seen. Whether that’s placing them in goodies bags, packing them in orders or handing them out to the right people.

Let Your Fun Side Shine!

Custom stickers also make a quick and cool way to personalize almost any product and help give it a unique look. Highly durable and waterproof, custom stickers from Spreadshirt look great stuck on a whole range of products. Because we offer custom stickers with no minimum it means you can get creative and decorate whatever you want. Need some inspiration, check out how some of our favorite ways to use our stickers.

Lunchtime = Fun time – Add a personal touch to a child’s lunch box with a custom sticker, be inspired by their favorite pastime or animal. As the stickers are waterproof and durable, they won’t peel off or fade even after numerous uses and washes.

A customized lunch box using stickers

Custom stickers for cars allow you to show everyone what you stand for and what message you want to say. Displayed on either the bumper or rear window a cool sticker can be an inexpensive way of adding some personal flair to your car. Custom window stickers for cars mean that you can support your team, party or just let everyone know you don’t give a f@*K!

Address labels are a great way putting your seal on any letter or parcel you send, acting as extra insurance should there be a problem with the delivery. Be as creative or simple as you like, printing your custom address labels with Spreadshirt means a guaranteed first-class delivery.

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    1. Glad you think so, plenty more exciting things coming soon.

  2. Sheila Schieferstein

    do you make stickers to go on pencils?

    1. Hi Shelia, our stickers are only available with one design per sheet – with a maximum size of 3.9″ x 3.9 – of course you choose to only use a small section of the available space, but in this instance it is probably not the best choice. We are working on adding more sizes and options shortly, so hopefully something more suitable will be available soon.

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