Fresh and Fruity Designs

Fresh and Fruity Designs

During summer months when the days are getting longer and temperatures are rising, fruit is the refreshing answer to all your cravings! After checking out these designs, you’ll be ready to start your day with a fruit and yogurt masterpiece or a delicious smoothie.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to pick your own fruit from a garden, like strawberries in the summer or apples in the early fall. If foraging for fresh fruit isn’t your thing, your local supermarket is well-equipped with tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, coconut or passionfruit. Fruit is more than just a healthy snack in-between meetings or post-workout–it’s a lifestyle!

You can combine the fruit in many tasty ways. On hot days blueberries with ice cream is the answer. While warm evenings call for chocolate fondue and whatever fruit you desire. Health nuts will be happy to add fruit to their oatmeal regardless of season or temperature. Those with a sweet tooth, know that fruit is best enjoyed with a hot waffle and whipped cream. Fruit can be enjoyed in thousands of yummy ways.

Are you in the mood for some fruit yet? If so, take a look at our sweet design ideas. Create a personalized T-shirt with your favorite fruit. The outcome will be deliciously stylish.

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