5 Easy Cooking Tips for Lazy Home-Office Days

5 Easy Cooking Tips for Lazy Home-Office Days

Feel like you’re not doing your body any favors with comfort food during lockdown? The good news is, it’s easy change a few habits and eat healthily without a lot of effort. And yes, also to express your love or food on clothing and accessories!

We’re all finding it hard these days. Less socialising, more home office. Less workout, more pizza. It’s not really a recipe for healthy living, and this is why we’re here to help. These five little tips will get you through the day – in style!

Bake your own breakfast bread

It’s super easy to bake your own bread – as long as you find a bowl in your cupboard! Take a pound of spelt flower or rye flower, add a tablespoon of baker’s yeast, a tablespoon of salt and a pinch of sugar. Boom! Pour water on top, and that’s your dough already. Bonus points for half a cup of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed and chia seeds. Adding two cups of oatmeal will give the bread a healthy edge. Add a pint of water (or more, if needed), then stir with a spoon until the flower is gone. Put the dough in a cake-pan greased with olive oil.  Shove it in the oven (at 375°) for 45 minutes, and you’ll have the best bread you’ve ever had. And be sure to wear a custom apron!

Make healthy smoothies

We all like to nibble when beavering away at the computer. You can probably think of a dozen ways to make your life sweeter when strolling down the aisle in a grocery store, but that ain’t healthy. Sugar bad! But fruit sugar is a different story, so here’s the deal. Get deep frozen berries from your grocery store and let them drain in the fridge overnight. If you can’t wait, pour hot water over them. Then pour a cup-full in your blender, add a cup of oatmeal and a cup of natural yoghurt. Briefly stir it in the blender, and you’ll have a wonderful belly-full of smoothie. This custom hoodie puts the smooth in smoothie – literally!

Healthy pasta lunch

So you’re still doing home office when your tummy tells you it’s time for lunch. But you only have half an hour until the next zoom meeting. No problemo! Take two cups of healthy pasta – think wholewheat pasta, spelt pasta or spinach pasta – and boil in hot water. Add a cup of brown lentils and boil for 15 minutes. In a different pot, heat up a tin of diced tomatoes, add veggies (carrots, peppers, etc.) al gusto. Then generously spice with basil, a pinch of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. You’ll get a vegan Bolognese that will supply your body with good energy to keep you going, particularly with this custom pasta shirt.

Super-healthy nibbles

You’ve been working the whole day, and lunch is already hours ago. Quite obviously, your body lets you know that it needs energy. Now! Carrot sticks and crushed peas will give you relief in next to no time. Put a cup of peas in your blender, add a squashed lemon and some black pepper. If you have some chopped mint and a tablespoon of ricotta handy, even better. Then slice your carrots do nice and slinky sticks, and dip away. Yummy!

Low-carb dinner

Confucius said, “carbs at night ain’t so good on a diet!” There are ways to get stuffed without having a pizza or lasagne a few hours before going to bed. So here’s a healthy deal for lazy cooks! Go to your grocery store and buy a bag of deep frozen veggies, a pack of deep-frozen spinach, and a can of creamy coconut milk. Drain the veggies in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Warm a cast-iron pot on medium heat, put the veggies and spinach in it, and spoon the creamy bits from the coconut milk on top. Stir and add any kind of spice you like. We love curry, cumin, nutmeg, and red pepper. If you must, have couscous as a side.

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