Must-Haves for all Plant Lovers

Must-Haves for all Plant Lovers

Houseplants like the Monstera, Pilea or various succulents have become a part of nearly every household. With rapidly growing popularity and a maximum chill factor, your world is about to become a greener place.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, the popularity of houseplants should come as no surprise. They’re thriving on social media and have become the ultimate millennial companion. With a little water here and there and a good pot to prevent root rot, your plants will be happy. We’re not making any promises but if you repot it occasionally, your plant will quickly flourish.

These popular indoor plants have a number of advantages that benefit our mental health and environment. It’s been proven that plants make us happier. Their green color evokes a sense of calm. We could all use a little bit more peace and happiness in our lives! Also, they’ll keep your air clean. Many house plants are air purifiers and will detoxify your surroundings.

Once you’ve let a green, leafy friend into your life, you’ll soon want more. An aloe vera for the bathroom, palm trees in the living room, snake plants in the bedroom… Alternatively, a cactus or succulents will look great on your windowsills. The possibilities are endless!

Eventually, every room will become a little feel-good oasis.
If you can’t get enough of the plants, have a look at our designs and put your favorite plants on a personalized mug, a pillow or something similar. This way, you can take your newfound friends with you everywhere.

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