Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 – Better Together

Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 – Better Together

Have you heard about the color of the year? In 2021 we’ve got two! A thoughtful gray (Ultimate Gray) and a sunny yellow (Illuminating). Let yourself be inspired!

Our start into the new year has been a chilly one. All the better that the Pantone Color Institute has identified two colors for 2021 that have a positive influence on our mood. Get inspired by those hues, and design products full of power and confidence.

Ultimate Gray & Illuminating

This year, pebble gray meets sunny yellow. A solid foundation on which happiness can flourish, as an ancient saying goes.

There is power in tranquility

Gray… some might say gray is just dreary. But still waters run deep, and this gray hue has what it takes to bubble up of this year’s favorite color! It’s not for nothing that gray sweaters are some of the most popular clothing items around. You can wear gray as a basic or use it as a base for colorful color explosions. So pick your favorite product, add a splash of yellow, and feel the power inherent in a stone!

Give away the inner strength

The lockdown life is totally getting on our nerves. Still, there’s no end in sight for Corona just yet. Where do we draw our strength from when hugs are fair and few, mutual lunch breaks rare, and everything else that involves more people than you can count with your fingers just isn’t possible? How do we get stronger without gyms, and how do we support the elderly without nursing home visits?

Here’s an idea. Write a letter, design a mouse pad or any other product, and send your customized beam of light to a loved one!

Still looking good

Masks are going to keep us company for a while. We wear them to protect ourselves and our fellow human beings, but of course we want to still look the part. When walks with your dog or to the supermarket become the top event of the day, we could feel excused for looking invisible. Encourage yourself and those around you like this:

Happiness is that simple?

In Buddhism, the color yellow is of great significance, as it’s the closest color to emulate daylight. A nice way to epitomize this circumstance is by creating a positively yellow mug with a ying-and-yang symbol for a cup full of happiness. May this yellow infusion of energy lift your mood. Embrace those sunny days, your life, and be happy!

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