Pillow Fight Club 101

Pillow Fight Club 101

International Pillow Fight Day 2021 is on April 3th, and it’s not just for kids. To celebrate we’re showing you our favorite designs for the softest, most important battle in the world.

In these extraordinary times, The Urban Playground Movement is taking the fight from the streets and squares indoors – and that’s a good thing! Ready yourself for battle with our custom pillowcases. Or turn your living room and bedroom into a battlefield.

Rules of Pillow Fight Club

  1. Arrange a time and place when battle will commence
  2. Never attack an unarmed person
  3. Remove any delicate jewelry or glasses before you start

Lover, not Fighter?

Need a little more calm in your life right now? Then stop the fighting, grab your comfiest pillows and give them a makeover. Send some smiles to your nearest and dearest without leaving the house. You can send your parents or grandparents personalized messages printed on a pillowcase. Or print a pillowcase with your favorite family photo. Get personal!

Whether it’s the ultimate fight in the living room, or sending a pillowcase love note, enjoy International Pillow Fight Day 2021 on April 3th. Your inner child will thank you.

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