Summer Staycation Guide: Beach Edition

Summer Staycation Guide: Beach Edition

While the beaches of the Caribbean and Mexico are off-limits this year, with a little imagination, a private beach is closer than you think. We’ve got a few pointers to help you transform your backyard into a tropical 24-hour staycay retreat.

If you can’t go to the ocean, bring the ocean to you! With some surf, sand and sunshine consider your quarantine blues cured. We’ll make sure you leave your staycation with at least a few tan lines…

The Itinerary

1. Cocktails

What’s the perfect start to a beach vacation? Cocktails, of course. You can easily follow this recipe for the perfect mojito. If you really want to make your staycay special, customize our insta-worthy mason jar mug (see packing list).

2. To the Beach

Put on some beachy tunes and prepare to turn your backyard into an oasis. All you’ll need is an inflatable palm tree, small inflatable pool, lawn chairs, and zen garden! If you’ve never heard of a zen garden, it’s basically like a tranquil beach you can hold in the palm of your hand.

3. Adopt a Goldfish

While there seems to be a new trend of people adopting quarantine puppies, we think adopting a goldfish is a more practical solution. If you’re missing out on discovering vibrant ocean creatures while snorkeling or scuba diving, you’ll have a new floppy friend to chill with in your backyard beach.

4. Movie Screening

Nothing says summer fun like the Fyre Festival documentary. The best part about hosting a backyard beach movie screening, is you’ll feel like you’re at the Fyre Festival without dealing with the high admission fee and total lack of organization.

5. DIY souvenir

A fun part of visiting sleepy beach towns is you get to explore the many, many gift shops. Create your own backyard beach souvenirs, like this beach bag, on our website!

What to Pack

  • An epic mason jar mug for mojitos
  • A made-for-you beach bag
  • A swimsuit (duh!)
  • T-Shirt for chilling at the beach bar
  • Spray tan
Custom T-shirt
Beach bag
Mojito mason jar
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