The Mountains are Calling

The Mountains are Calling

Ski season has arrived! Are you and your ski crew ready for your ski getaway in your favorite resort? Already looking forward to hitting the slopes?

As soon as you arrive at the top of the piste, you’re amazed by the breathtaking view of the mountains all around. You breathe in the sharp cold of the mountain air, snap your ski goggles on and push off.

As white powder flies around you, you push yourself to sail faster down the pristine slope. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro or a bunny hill beginner, ski holidays are all about having fun and riding the adrenaline rush. And a warming drink with your ski crew in the chalet makes it even more fun.

We’ve come up with 10 cool ski team names for you to personalize your team T-Shirts. Whether you’re a ski bunny or an ice king – with these outfits everyone on the slopes will recognize you as a group.

Here are some ideas for you to play with:

  1. Denver Ski Team
  2. Ski Bunnies 2020
  3. Snowbirds of 2020
  4. New Jersey Snow Angels
  5. Salt Lake City Ski Bums
  6. Black Diamonds
  7. Keystone Ski Crew
  8. Snow Kings 2020
  9. Powder Party Crew
  10. Polar Bears 2020
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