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Redeeming coupons

This is how you use a coupon code:

  • Proceed to checkout
  • On the right side of the checkout area, you’ll find the +Redeem your coupon option (see screen shot below)
  • If you’re using a mobile device, the input field is right under the e-mail address
  • Enter the code and hit enter or change over to the next input field to confirm

Coupon types

Discount code

A discount code at Spreadshirt is available on the page Spreadshirt Coupons & Discounts, for example in the course of discount campaigns. You can use one discount code per order under the conditions stated.


Coupons holding credit can be gift certificates or store credit codes you may have recieved from our customer service. You can use it in addition to a discount code. Use it as often as you like until it’s used up.

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