Current Promotion Graphics

Use the banners below to promote the current promotion(s) in your shop. Here's how to add the banners to your shop:

Note: Place the image below the "body" tag in the header area for the banner to appear at the top of your shop. You can also download the Adobe Photoshop (PSD) version of each banner and customize the graphics, then follow steps 2-3 to place the image on your shop. If you feel like embedding up-to-date campaign graphics in your shop, just copy the HTML code and add it to the header or slidebar of your shop. We will make sure to keep your permalink up to date with the current promotion. This way your customers will always know which discount campaigns are currently ongoing when visiting your shop.

During the time between promotions, we'll be showing banners which display the general advantages of Spreadshirt, without directly naming the brand. The "real" discount banners are always available on the first day of the promotion.

Current Promotion:

Banner Download and HTML Image Embed Code

Horizontal Banner (jpg, 980x100)

<img src="" class="cnt_horizontal_xlarge" />

Newsletter Banner (jpg, 598x150)

<img src="" class="cnt_newsletter" />

Customize our Banner Graphic (zipped Photoshop file)