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LoverBear is a line of clothing and accessories designed exclusively by the studios of MARTINfree Art & Design that expresses the truest, strongest, simplest essence of the love that exists within each and every one of us: The love we give to each other, the love we give to ourselves, and the love we have for the world around us. Because LoverBear is designed to express the LoverBear inside each and every one of us, no matter your gender, your age, your ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, you have a LoverBear inside of you. If you can love, you ARE a LoverBear! Be a part of the LoverBear community with clothes & accessories to snuggle up to. "Show off YOUR LoverBear!" Style. Individuality. Community. "For the LoverBear in YOU!"
LoverBear logo T-shirt--red - Men's Premium T-Shirt
LoverBear logo T-shirt--black - Men's Premium T-Shirt
LoverBear logo T-shirt--white - Men's Premium T-Shirt
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