Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers of the world unite and take over! The furrier, the merrier – only cat lovers will truly understand and appreciate our gift guide for those who won’t ever wear anything that’s not decorated with the hair of their favorite feline.

When it comes to cats, there are only two opinions – either you are a cat person, or you are a lost individual that feels catlessly forlorn and lost in an otherwise furless universe. Of course, having a cat comes with choosing a roommate you can rarely please, who meows and hisses at you for no apparent reason, but that can purr and cuddle up to with a softness like no other animal. So let’s celebrate your love for cats, and get inspired by custom gift ideas for cat lovers.

Cat gifts – customized and unique

Your friend has chosen a live with a cat, and – in doing so –has opted for a new companion who’ll sleep on the radiator, bring in birds and mice for dinner and curl up into the bundle of fleecy fluff for the next 15 to 20 years. You could celebrate your friend’s or their cat’s birthday with a pot of catnip. Or you create a custom cat sweater adorned with a photo and name of the fur demon!

Simon’s cat wakes up early

Remember Simon’s cat? It’s a perfect depiction of what any cat owner goes through over and again. Cats tend to wake up at the crack of dawn, and then – surprise, surprise! – realize that they’re hungry already. And it doesn’t matter when or much they were fed the previous evening – waking up means having to let you know that their time for breakfast has come. And you know how they let you know, right? Walking over your duvet, head and pillow is just the start of the feed-me-now ceremony. Maybe a custom cat pillow that lays down the law for the little feline will make a difference?

The Cat Allergy Phenomenon

In the life of every cat person there is always somebody who suffers allergies, worst of all against the hair of your beloved pussycat! It’s not easy to deal with these people when they keep insisting it’s not their fault, claiming your cat is the culprit. The cheek! Milo didn’t do anything, he’s just incredibly cuddly and fluffy! You can send the message in a subtle way by telling this allergy sufferer what to do with this custom face mask for cat lovers.

My Home, My Castle

Dogs will never understand – why should people be served when they can just as easily serve you as well? It’s easy to believe that you’re a god when they feed you, cuddle you, groom you and even clean the litter for you. You can come and go whenever you like and pretty much do whatever you want. That’s when you know you’re living the divine life of a cat! But are you a cat? If you’re just an ordinary cat owner like most of us, have a cup of coffee instead and express your adoration for that godlike cat in your life with a custom cat mug.

Crazy Cat People

Supposedly they do not exist, but we know they do! They happily live under the spell of their kitties, blissfully ignorant of what the rest of the world may think of them. Yes, we’re talking about those people, who fill their house with as many cats as they can adopt and save from the dog-eat-dog world out there. Others may think their cat house is sheer bedlam, but for truly cat-crazy people it’s the only way to live. They’ll tell you that life is only worth living in the company of a few dozen cats. This custom cat shirt is waiting for you to be customized so the cats can lovingly adorn it with the fur they shed.

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Have you already found the right gift for your cat friend? Or would you rather leave a mouse in front of his door? We eagerly await your comment!

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