5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pisces

5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Pisces

Their element might be water, but that doesn’t mean they go with the flow. Surprise a Pisces with custom gifts they’ll treasure for years to come!

What do Steve Jobs, Rihanna and Justin Bieber have in common? They’re all Pisces! To customize the best gift for your Pisces pal, you’ll probably want to get to know them a little better first. And maybe you’ll discover surprising sides to the ones you think you know well!

All about Pisces 

Dates: February 19th—March 20th

Symbol: Fish

Ruling planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Their name + Pisces = magic

Ever wondered why your Pisces friend just gets you? Like the other water signs, Pisces are way into their feelings. They experience all of the ups and downs of life ten-fold, and they’re not afraid to take a ride on an emotional rollercoaster. In fact, they’re first in line at the ticket booth! Pisces understand feelings better than anyone else, making them a compassionate friend. If they’re going to wear their heart on their sleeve, they might as well look good in a custom T-shirt doing it!

It’s in the stars

Pisces have an affinity for the moon, stars, and anything supernatural. In terms of astrological superlatives, Pisces would be voted most likely to bring sage to the party. They’re a little bit witchy and they like it that way! Indulge in their fantastical side with a custom Pisces constellation sweatshirt. They’d love to know that somewhere in the universe there’s a constellation made just for them.

Fish out of water

It’s no secret fellow Pisceans – like Rihanna – love to make a fashion statement. Bucket hats are a trendy remedy for fashionistas and practical Pisces alike! Whether they’re catching feelings or fish, a custom hat will fit your Pisces swimmingly. Keep things lighthearted and creative by customizing the text on this custom hat!

One with nature

Pisceans are in their element (literally) when they’re near water. It’s also one of the Earth’s most precious resources! Care for a Pisces and the planet by creating a gift from one of our eco-conscious products. From organic cotton tees to tote bags, neutral colors will keep a Pisces grounded while sustainable products will keep them balanced.

Pisces pooches

Pisces have a big heart, and they’re a little bit unconventional. Meaning a Pisces will go all out for the things they care about – pets included! Why not throw in a gift for their furry best friend too? Their pet will look so cute in a custom bandana. It will give them an excuse to cry tears of joy later.

Know a Pisces? What will you be gifting them for their astrological season?

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