Design Inspo: Pantone Color of The Year 2020

Design Inspo: Pantone Color of The Year 2020

Are you into moody blue hues? Discover the latest create-your-own design inspiration using the Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue 19-4052.

Pantone annually chooses one color to set the tone for the upcoming year, by using color psychology, fashion and design. The Color of the Year is a unique tradition which anyone with a creative bone in their body can delight in.

In color psychology, blue is known to put our minds at ease and offer a moment of reflection. This year, classic blue is all about calm, peace, and having a stable foundation as we move forward.

With our blue design and product picks, you can bring a little bit of serenity with you wherever you go—by wearing it!

Tote it

Pantone color swatches have become a trendy design element in the past few years. From bedroom wall décor to iPhone cases, bringing color to everyday life is the way to go. Try a navy tote bag with Pantone swatch designs, and add an extra pinch of individuality by layering text or your name over the design.

Hypnotize ‘em

Have a favorite meditative phrase, symbol or saying? Add it to your next custom hoodie. The navy blue will give yourself and others a sense of relaxation while the design element does the talking. A peace sign or heart in your favorite shade of blue is minimal but still very cool.

Spread the word

Have a cause you’re passionate about? Put it on a T-shirt! You’ll be the talk of the town and convey an important message to the whole wide world. Bonus points if you mix and match different blue hues.

Your cap, your way

A baseball cap is our cape-less hero on bad hair days, when working out or just because. Show the world who you are by adding a custom monogrammed design. Traditionally, a monogram has the three letters of your initials (first, middle and last name). But nowadays, a monogram can also be just one letter (you choose!)

To create your own monogrammed baseball cap, check out the design gallery and typography letters made by our community of designers. Or you can do-it-yourself with our fonts in the customize tool.

While we love classic blue, all colors of the rainbow are fun in their own right. Mix and match the product colors and designs to create something truly one-of-a-kind. What are you making? Let us know in the comments below.

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