7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Leos

7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Leos

Leos are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. The sun passes through the zodiac sign, which gives them a very fiery personality. Here you’ll find custom birthday gifts for Leos!

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Period: July 23rd until August 22nd

Symbol: A fiery lion

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Colors: Gold, purple and orange

The combination of the Sun and the dominant element of fire makes for a hot mix indeed. Leos are warm and energetic people with a lot of passion. They like to show their strong character and express their personality so everyone can see what they’re made of. Let’s see what characteristics they have so we can come up with suitable custom gifts for the Leos we love.

1. The Strong Character

The emblematic lion speaks for itself: Leos are strong, courageous, and willing to muster any kind of challenge you throw at them. Give a Leo a goal and they’ll throw themselves behind it with all their might. Their unwavering determination will keep them going until they’ve reached their goal. A word of advice: don’t cross a Leo who’s got his/her mind set on something.

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2. The Confident Challenger

Next to being persistent and determined, Leos are bursting with confidence. They are powerful and dominant, and never afraid to show what they’re made of. This confidence also lets them find new fashion ways off the trodden path – the crazier, the better! To see Leos dress confidently impresses others and makes them follow the new trends that Leos set.

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3. The Natural Leader

You’ve guessed it: a raw mix of strong character and confidence makes for natural leaders. These are qualities a lot of people admire, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Leos often become leaders. Charisma is what makes them attractive, and their optimism inspires others.

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4. The Generous One

Looking at all the previous character traits, you could be forgiven to think that Leos are not really the nicest of people. Far from it! What makes Leos really likable is that they put giving above receiving. The moment a Leo opens their heart to you, they give you all the time and attention you need – and more! Get ready to be showered with affection and gifts. This is your chance to return the favor with this custom mug. Change the text to personalize it.

5. The Sunny Disposition

Can you see the previous character traits adding up? People with lots of determination, self-confidence and a generous spirit have nothing to lose. Leos are the life and soul of every party, radiating good humor and positive energy. So why not amplify the good vibes with this custom mask?

6. The Passionate Pursuer

Leos are immensely passionate. Once they take a liking to a job, sports team, friend or lover, there’s literally no stopping them. Get ready for a person full of playfulness who’s able to take great pleasure in the activities they love. And if you’re a Leo’s friend or partner, there’s no one to rival their loyalty and sincerity. They will always show you how they feel, straight up.

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7. The Unstoppable Force

Of course, all this energy, confidence and passion can be a bit overbearing at times. Somebody who just won’t stop giving it his all once he’s taken a liking to something – or someone – can be a bit too much to handle. This slightly tongue-in-cheek design can put a Leo in the place he deserves.

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