Summer Staycation Guide: Adventure Travel

Summer Staycation Guide: Adventure Travel

There’s a radical adventurer in all of us. While you can’t climb Mount Everest or skydive while you’re at home, we’ve got a few exhilarating suggestions to help you make the most of your summer staycation. If you’re all about pushing yourself to the limits—this is your itinerary for a gnarly staycay.

For those who identify as adrenaline junkies, staying in one place during quarantine has probably been a radical challenge in itself. Mix up your daily routine and enjoy the little thrills, here are our top suggestions for when you just need to feel the rush (within reason, of course).  

The Itinerary

  1. Trampoline tricks

A childhood favorite, the best memories come from days spent bouncing around. If you don’t have a trampoline in your backyard, you can purchase a mini indoor version. A trampoline is the perfect place to try out your moves for the next time you go cliff jumping!

2. Go viral on Tik Tok

All the kids are doing it these days! Put your cabin fever to use and create a silly tik tok using your imagination and random household objects. Who knows—you might be the next big thing.

3. Adopt a puppy

We all know someone who has adopted a quarantine puppy. This recommendation is not for the faint of heart and should be seriously considered. But with a little commitment and willingness to sacrifice all of your favorite shoes—you’ll have a furry friend for life.  You can even create a custom bandana for the little guy.

4. Watch Jaws

You probably don’t have any spare great white sharks laying around to cage dive with. No worries, you can still live vicariously through others and enjoy the classic film Jaws. If you’re missing the ocean, find a spray bottle and mist yourself during the film.

5. Try something new

Have you ever wanted to brew your own kombucha? Bake sourdough bread? Now’s the time to try it all! Take your taste buds on a trip with a new food or recipe you’ve never tried before.

What to Pack

  • Shark lover T-shirt
  • A quarantine puppy bandana
  • Mini trampoline
  • Something tie dye
  • A custom quarantine mug
Shark lover T-shirt
Quarantine puppy
Custom coffee mug

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the other staycation guides in the series. How do you feel about city vacations?

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