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Horror Show

Bring the fright. If it's shocking, terrifying, spine-chilling and nightmarish, we want it. Show us your scary side, and you could win up to $500 for your design.

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It’s heebie-jeebies time. Creepy doll time. Clowns who stand in the corner time. We want your scariest and most horrifying designs to give unsuspecting customers night terrors. Join the eerie jamboree. Upload your designs by October 11th for your chance at $500.

How to take part

U 
Create a new terrifying, horrifying, creeptastic design
Upload it by October 11th
Tag it with: horrorcontest
Publish it on the Marketplace

Upload Design

What you can win

$50 Spreadshirt voucher
The winning design on all Spreadshirt channels

A few more tips


Remember to use the ‘horrorcontest’ tag. You can add other tags, as well, like ‘scary‘, ‘horror‘ or any other words that best describe your design. It’s also a good idea to imagine what kind of search terms customers could possibly enter.


Please don’t use names of movies, shows or famous horror characters, as these are copyrighted.


The design contest takes place on an international stage, and so does the voting. If you go for a typography design, we’d recommend the wording to be in English.


Share your design on social networks and create a buzz to improve your chances of winning.

What’s next

Submission of designs by October 11th, 2017
Preselection of the top 10 designs
Casting of votes on Facebook starting October 18th


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