We give T-shirts a second life

Every product printed at Spreadshirt is perfectly unique. We can't just put returns back on the shelf and sell them to someone else. That is why we pride ourselves in receiving less than 2% returns overall. In total, that's almost 200,000 items per year. And we’re committed to not let them go to waste.

Donations & recycling

At Spreadshirt, we’ve introduced sustainable measures to improve our ecological footprint by putting our returns to good use: Instead of throwing away items as good as new, we find a meaningful purpose for T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and more.

On average, one to two boxes of clothing per week finds their way to youth centres, schools, sports clubs, children's aid services, rooming houses and aid agencies in Germany and Europe. Perfectly new returned goods that we are not allowed to donate due to legal regulations (e.g. with company logos or personal imprint) get a second life with us: We hand them over to a recycling company that processes them into insulation wool and cleaning cloths.

Are you interested in making a donation?

We look forward to making new contacts in our network! We also welcome creative ideas and listen to inspiring stories. Feel free to send us an email about your project to: info@spreadshirt.net

Please provide the following information to help us select donations in kind for your initiative:

  • Who are you and what kind of work do you do?
  • What kind of clothing or accessories are you looking for? (Quantity, type, appearance, sizes, etc.)
  • When will you need our support?

We look forward to your message!

We have already supported these associations and initiatives:

Municipal Public Library Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Kielcach
Kielce, Poland

Emergency relief for listed dog Listenhunde Nothilfe e. V.
Birkenheide, Germany
Erklärung „Listenhunde“: pedigree dogs classified as dangerous or potentially dangerous, whose ownership is covered by special legislation in Germany and Switzerland.

Privately organised help for homeless people and their animals Helferherz Flensburg
Flensburg, Germany

Charity event for cancer aid Uckermark gegen Leukämie e. V.
Bad Freienwalde, Germany

Educational institution inab – vocational promotion and training center
Leipzig, Germany

Football Club Kronsdorfer Fußballverein von 1931 e. V.
Lübeck, Germany

Homeless charity Protection Civile Paris Seine - Antenne de Paris 8 & 9
Paris, France