## [Welcome to Spreadshirt‘s Forum!](#EN)

We’ve put together a few points of reference that will make it easier to use the forum. Please adhere to this code of conduct when participating in the community.

1. Spirit and purpose of the forum
The forum was created to facilitate an exchange between Shop Owners and Marketplace Designers. It’s up to you to bring in your own ideas and reach your goals by treating others respectfully. Taking part in discussions and enriching the forum with your input will go a long way, snide remarks and off-the-cuff controversy won’t.

2. Respect for differing opinion
We set great store by constructive feedback and lively discussions. Personal insults or a hostile attitude towards individuals will not be tolerated. Please make an effort to maintain a good degree of netiquette (common online courtesy) when communicating with others. Bear in mind that all posts reflect people’s personal opinions and are not to offend against current laws.

3. Creating threads
Before creating a topic, please do a quick search and see whether a thread dealing with your question already exists. Choose a meaningful headline and make sure that your topic fits the category. You can’t find a fitting category? Then it may be not for the forum.

4. Keep the forum neat
Please help us in keeping the forum clear and lucid:

  • stay on topic
  • if you want to change the topic, open a new thread
  • use the function “Reply as linked topic“ to answer with a new topic that’s linked to your reply
  • open new threads in a suitable category
  • avoid double-posting in different threads
  • don’t reply without adding value
  • refrain from using a signature
  • use the options for favourites, bookmarks, LIKE and flag, answer and edit

Our moderators reserve the right to edit and move all comments based on the points listed above. Our moderators are entitled to delete irrelevant content without prior notice.

5. Disregard of forum rules
Expect Spreadshirt’s moderators to be friendly, helpful, tolerant and patient. If deemed necessary, they will close threads, categories or other parts of the forum and exclude users who misbehave. Those disregarding forum rules will receive a warning and be excluded when in breach for a third time.

6. Data protection regulations
By using the forum, you declare your consent with our data protection regulations.

7. Urgent requests
If you need a quick answer to a question, please send a private message to the admin.

Have fun and help each other!

Your Spreadshirt Crew