You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: Life is strange right now. Every day we’re faced with new challenges. Many of you have been working from home and educating your children at the same time. Some of you might be worrying about jobs or missing your family and friends. One thing is for certain, change caused by the coronavirus is the only constant in our lives right now.

As a global community, we must work together to figure out what our new normal will look like. We want to share your stories of positivity and hope, with our #SpreadTheGood campaign. Share your experiences, pictures or even an idea that you’ve found encouraging.
We want to spread laughter, happiness, and all the good things.

What are you grateful for? What gives you strength? How do you keep in touch with friends? We want to know!

Right now, you can make a difference and uplift others by sharing your positive experiences with the world. Share your story with us today, using the hashtag #SpreadTheGood

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Stay healthy and #SpreadTheGood!

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