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Spreadshirt Sales Stats App to Offer Instant Earnings Overview

Inspiring Greater Sales with Multi-Channel Data and on the Go Communications

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, has refined their free Spreadshirt Sales Stats App, now available on Android and iPhone, to empower Spreadshirt Partners to view sales activity from all channels via mobile, to status earnings and sales in real time. This latest innovation allows Partners to adjust strategies and product offerings, to maximize sales during the busy holiday season.

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Spreadshirt Sets the Pace in Digital Direct Printing

Adds 45 Brothers Machines to Meet Holiday Production Spikes

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, has added 45 brand new Brother GTX digital direct printing machines just in time to meet production demands during the busy holiday season. This state of the art technology allows the Spreadshirt elves to produce and ship all ‘must have gifts’ with ease, even during crunch time. Customers love the great quality, superior durability, and limitless opportunities for self-expression, with photos and complex graphics that can now be created with these digital printing machines.

Digital direct printing at Spreadshirt with Brother GTX machine

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Spreadshirt Has The Licence To Smile In The U.S.

400 Smiley Designs Now Available to Spread Good Cheer

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, has added the iconic SmileyWorld license to its product catalogue in the U.S. to spread positivity and happiness. The collection includes more than 400 Smiley designs, ranging from simple emoticons to elaborate sketches and memorable phrases. A Smiley for any mood or positive message is now available for self-expression on clothing and accessories via the Spreadshirt marketplace and the Create Your Own Tool, as well as on external marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

The range of designs can be found by searching for ‘Smiley’ or via the SmileyWorld showrooms: and

Smiley Designs at Spreadshirt
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