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Spreadshirt Soars Over The $120M Revenue Milestone In 2017

The Grand Plan Unfolds in U.S. and Abroad Featuring Increased Market Share and Growth

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, is proud to share financial data from 2017. The 15-year-old enterprise delivered record profits, despite most of the competition losing ground last year. In 2017, Spreadshirt’s hyper focus on the U.S. market paid off with an increase in growth, exceptional profit margins, producing $9.5M EBITDA. With simplification, focus and strategic technology investments, Spreadshirt had a remarkable year hitting a total revenue of more than $120 million globally and a revenue of over $27 million in the U.S. alone. The self-expression global company has seen great success with a year over growth rate of 18% from 2016 to 2017, recording a significant increase in the number of Marketplace Partners – +81% in the U.S. and +77% globally.

Growth Highlights and revenue numbers 2007

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Get Some Green From Spreadshirt’s Nature Themed Design Competition

Submit Your Most Creative Nature Designs  for Cash Prizes

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company,is calling all international designers to celebrate nature and put forth their most evergreen designs for a contest taking place throughout the month of May. Creatives are welcomed to share their most unique designs of greenery, mountain tops, plants and flowers – all for a cash reward that includes bragging rights to turn others green with envy.

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Spreadshirt Launches Wall Art and Takes Design Beyond Apparel and Accessories

Partners Can Create Colorful Designs on Posters for Home or Office

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, is proud to announce that “Wall Art” will now be available on the platform, providing new earnings potential for partners and expanding offerings for customers beyond a t-shirt or mug. This highly requested option is currently available in Spreadshirt Shops and on the Spreadshirt Marketplace.

Spreadshirt launches wall art and posters

The debut of wall art is a long-cherished wish of creatives and designers to sell their ideas in a new category, for a new revenue stream. Breaking away from offering apparel or non-apparel accessories like totes, mugs and phone cases for on-person self-expression, the offering of posters is shining a new light on Spreadshirt. The concept of self-expression for the home or office is available, so consumers can share art that they want the world to see. These posters are available in three different formats and can be printed in nine different sizes, on a variety of  paper styles. Read more