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Double, Double, Toil & Trouble: Spreadshirt announces Halloween Design Competition

Creatives Can Try Their Tricks & Treats to Showcase Designs for a Monetary Prize

Halloween is lurking right around the corner. This year, Spreadshirt, the self-expression e-commerce platform, announces the design contest ‘Horror’ for the Halloween season – asking all international designers to show their most creative and creepy designs for a global throw down for the best in class marketplace designs for Halloween 2017.

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Spreadshirt Directors Share 2017 Grand Plan Successes

Top Directors Discuss the Relevancy and Importance of Personalization, Marketplaces, and Merchandising

The importance of continual reinvention for sustainable business relevancy is a core value at Spreadshirt, the global self-expression e-commerce company. Celebrating their 15th year as an enterprise, Spreadshirt has always been organized around multiple business units – the need to restructure came about when the level of overlap between many of these existing models became apparent to Hugo Smoter, Chief Commercial Officer, in his 2016 analysis. Read more

Spreadshirt Levels Up Protection For Marketplace Designers

Watermarks Now Automatically Embedded In High-Resolution Design Images

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, implements the use of watermarks for marketplace designers in response to concerns about protecting their artwork in the digital world. The watermark bears the company name and is placed over the image of each design in the marketplace with more than 350 pixels and appears as a transparent image that is only visible in the design view. Given the new feature, shoppers will not be distracted as they browse product images.

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