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Spreadshirt Spotlight: Illustrative Art is Alive & Well

Spreadshirt, the e-commerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, proudly highlights designer Mudge Studios in their ongoing recognition series that showcases the best and brightest from their global creators. As a talented and successful designer with exceptional illustration skills, Mudge Studios will inspire other creative designers to share their ideas with a global audience via a Spreadshirt hosted shop or through Spreadshirt marketplaces.

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Spreadshirt is Minting Millionaires in 2017

Face of a Partner that Powers the Platform

Spreadshirt, the print on-demand e-commerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, overhauled their commission structure mid last year to make the payout larger for Sellers. The changes take full effect in calendar year 2017 and have created record-breaking opportunities for top Sellers to earn over $1 million per year, selling their merchandise on over 200 products – from t-shirts to phone cases and everything in between. To date, Spreadshirt has paid out over $70 million in commissions making their model the most rewarding and lucrative structure in the global print on demand industry.

Spreadshirt Sellers are able to earn over 60% of the product price, so their potential earnings surpass the payout of global competitors like Amazon, Zazzle, and CustomInk. A typical Seller with a $20 t-shirt will receive over $7 in commission with Spreadshirt, as contrasted with the $4 commission from CafePress. Over 9 million visitors come to the Spreadshirt platform per month, as it allows creative designers, entrepreneurs, and money dreamers an opportunity to earn money from a lucrative and easy side hustle. The award-wining platform makes merchandising easy and risk-free by eliminating the stress and taking care of all handling, printing, delivery and customer service.
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Spreadshirt Responds to Design Controversy

Statement by Spreadshirt CEO, Philip Rooke

Two community-submitted designs on the Spreadshirt platform, “Save a shark Eat a Chinese” and “Save a dog Eat a Chinese”, have been discussed. After close examination and careful consideration, we have decided to keep these designs on our platform.

Spreadshirt provides an open platform that allows anyone to create, buy, sell, and share ideas on merchandise. These ideas come from a wide variety of sources. Our community includes over 70,000 active partners worldwide, including a diverse group of artists, musicians, corporations and brands, non-profits and organizations, as well as political groups.

Spreadshirt’s role is to enable our community’s ideas to get to market and to fulfill them with print-on-demand. We do not judge or censor designs based on their phrasing, social, or political leanings.

This open platform principle will mean that, in a few cases, some people may find a design controversial while others do not.

We have no intention of causing anyone offense, and I apologize to anyone who takes any offense from the two designs in question.