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Spreadshirt adds Shopify Plug-In as New Route-to-Market

Brett Favre, NFL star, and Sqor Sports board member pioneers launch in USA with sports memorabilia

Boston, June 17th, 2015: Spreadshirt is pleased to announce its newest global route-to-market with the launch of the company’s Shopify plug-in. Now users can create, sell and buy print-on-demand merchandise produced and fulfilled by Spreadshirt. Sqor Sports is the first seller to use Spreadshirt via the Shopify platform in the US.
Sqor Sports is a social publishing platform and marketing services firm that connects brands with athletes and athletes with their fans.

Brett Favre, enthuses, “The Spreadshirt Shopify plug-in has enabled us to concentrate on what we do best -offering great sports memorabilia and advanced sweat technology apparel without the need to bulk order and with no upfront costs.”
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Spreadshirt launches Spreadshop; a fully responsive game changer

Builds on lessons learned from mobile services and seller forums

Boston, June 11 2015: Spreadshirt continues to set the pace for mobile optimization in e-commerce platforms with the debut of Spreadshop. The new shop system is the next phase of continued investment and development of all services and another notable milestone in the efforts to optimize all points of sale for mobile usage.

“This enhancement to our platform is a strategic decision to set the pace for a state of the art platform. We leveraged the touch T-shirt design tool in 2013, mobile marketplace and single page check out in 2014, and now launch Spreadshop in 2015,” notes Philip Rooke, CEO, “This aligns with our goal of enabling our community of sellers to publish any idea on every product we offer in 60 seconds or less as we become a $1B game changer in the apparel and accessory industry.”
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Spreadshirt ends 2014 on a high note: Delivers the strongest holiday season in the history of the company

Hyper focus on investments and platform enhancements paves the way for new growth

Boston, March 10, 2015: Spreadshirt notches the best holiday sales figures of the company’s history during the 2014 holiday season. Comparing December sales numbers from 2013 to 2014, revenue increased during this key month by 18% ringing in at $15.7 M for North America. Over 300,000 orders were shipped worldwide during this peak cycle with the highest volume order day on December 15th with 19,200 orders. A major driver for the robust year-end rally was the intensive optimization of the mobile shopping experience. The global enterprise adapted to changing customer needs by launching a single-page checkout and a new mobile marketplace. The mobile finessing began with the successful launch of the touch-optimized t-shirt design tool in 2013 and benchmarked major milestones in 2014. In total, Spreadshirt invested roughly 4 million dollars into the development and structural changes of the platform and into improvements in the search and display of products. These enhancements significantly improved the Spreadshirt marketplace performance and boosted holiday sales.

Philip Rooke CEO Spreadshirt“Platforms that help consumers and businesses sell and market their ideas have proven to be a billion dollar industry. Spreadshirt is the pace setter for sharing merchandizing and design ideas in the new global, mobile and social marketing ecosystem. Growth rates will accelerate tremendously over the next few years. The key to success will be delivering an easy and straightforward process to upload and publish ideas on merchandizing globally. This reality is driving our mission to radically improve and expand our platform in 2015,” comments Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt regarding the strategy for the upcoming year.

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