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Spreadshirt’s PixelCotton Creates Twitch Plug-In

Meet StreamMerch the First Real-time Plug-in for Buyer & Streamer Interaction

Spreadshirt’s PixelCotton team proudly reveals the release of their new web app called StreamMerch, the first plug-in for Twitch to make gaming merchandise sales highly personalized and interactive. StreamMerch connects streamers and their fans at a whole new level.

The new feature is simple – StreamMerch displays a donation alert in real- time whenever a purchase is made within the StreamMerch shop of the streamer. The alert includes the buyer’s name and a personal message. By providing seconds of fame to a gamer’s loyal following, purchases and other interactions no longer go unnoticed.

StreamMerch Donation Alert

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Say Hello To Spreadshirt’s Leading & Seasoned Designer Behind Amorphia Apparel

Nerdy Slacker Offers Insider Tips for Over a Decade of Spreadshirt Shop Success

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company is the shop platform of choice for Amorphia Apparel’s funny and surreal designs. The label was founded by Jeremy Kalgreen, a former student from Columbus, Ohio in January 2006. Amorphia Apparel sells tees with graphics ranging from all things science to band shirt mashups and even parody vs. reality shirts, supporting the president. Jeremy’s art is an outward expression of his self-described ‘nerdy slackers’ taste and features a good mix of messages and designs for his intended community.

Amorphia’s most recognized design appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine in 2014 as proudly sported by a member of the Health.Gov team and featured a bubbling science beaker. Creating and designing apparel was something that Jeremy began as a hobby – earning a few hundred dollars per month while he continuously updated his creations. Two years into this venture, one of his creations, Teach the Controversy, went viral. This enabled him to pay off his student loans and eventually turned into a rewarding and self-supporting new career – using Spreadshirt as his shop host and on-demand printing service of choice. The inspiration behind his designs often come directly from fan requests. Due to his long-standing popularity and stellar talent, Jeremy receives new requests about three times faster than he can fulfill them, so he has to be selective with new designs. His customers like having a shirt that they know the average person wouldn’t understand – almost creating a sense of wonder for like-minded strangers with unique designs that make them laugh and bond over the joke.
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Spreadshirt Reveals Next-Gen Design Tool

Agile Development Team Leads The Pack with Innovation at the Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, unveils their latest and most innovative design tool. It was fully developed based on customer preferences; making it super intuitive and fun to create personalized clothing and accessories. This cutting edge design tool enables everyone to personalize a product right from their desktop or tablet, offering new features that were wished for by customers. As the global pace-setter in getting new features to market fast, Spreadshirt quickly assessed what was needed for an improved design experience and rolled it out with a very fast and agile development process.

“The Spreadshirt team stays at the forefront of offering innovative tools for on-person self-expression. Our customers need the best technology that is fun, fast and easy to use to express the messages they want the world to hear. This design tool is focused on the user experience on desktop and tablets. To further engage our global customers, we plan to release another enhanced design tool for smartphones in the near future,” says Philip Rooke, Spreadshirt CEO.

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