NEW! Sell Posters on Spreadshirt

NEW! Sell Posters on Spreadshirt

They’ve arrived! We’re extremely excited to announce that you can now sell posters on the Spreadshirt Marketplace and in your Shop.

If you’re using the Partner Area (you signed up with Spreadshirt after October 19th 2016), you can now easily sell posters by following a few simple steps:

1. Create a poster in one of the three formats:

Format Adobe Illustrator Photoshop
Landscape (12”x8” / 36”x24”) or (30×20 cm / 90×60 cm) Download Download
Portrait (8”x12” / 24”x36”) or (20×30 cm / 60×90 cm) Download Download
Square (8”x8” / 16”x16” / 24”x24”) or (20×20 cm / 40×40 cm / 60×60 cm) Download Download

When creating your poster designs, you should use the downloadable templates. Open these in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and follow the instructions in the file.

2. Confirm that your design has the following properties:

Please note we don’t support vector graphics for poster printing. We do however allow photos to be printed on posters.

3. Upload and publish each individual poster design/format to the new Partner Area:

Check out the following simple tutorial about the design and upload process:

Prices for each poster can be found here.

4. Go sell!

After you take a second to tell us your thoughts on our brand-new product, get out there and advertise your posters and designs to friends, family, customers and fans!

PS: If you’re wondering why posters aren’t available in the Legacy User Area, we have the answers here.

Do you have any questions or comments about our posters? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Is there a planned migration for those of us that joined before October 2016? And when can we expect it? There isn’t any information on the post link and to be fair, it seems like that migration should have occurred before the offering posters option. I know you have many shop owners that joined before that date.

    • We are currently discussing the technical requirements for a migration. However this will take more time. We will keep you updated on our blog.

    • Hey 🙂

      Opening a user account in the new partner area is definitely an option for you. However, we can not guarantee at this time that your old and new user account can be combined at a later date. This will probably not be possible. Therefore, also consider the possible consequences. This also means that you would have to maintain two user accounts.

      Thanks for your understanding,

  2. please am from Nigeria…. how do i earn money…. i don’t have USA account i only used Nigeria Account

    • When did you sign up with us? Whether you can sell posters or not depends on when you signed up. Moreover, what is your user ID?

  3. Does it mean that people who joined before October 19th 2016 have no access to this new feature? Something in me tells me that such discrimination and incompetence cannot be real, but you never know.

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