Temporary “Stock-Out” of Marketplace Products

Temporary “Stock-Out” of Marketplace Products

This year has been challenging in many respects. The current pandemic compels us to safeguard our staff at our production facilities with health and safety measures. In this busy holiday period, this also impacts our products on offer.

Health Measures and Supply Problems Lead to Bottlenecks

2020 has put high demands at our production facilities. For the benefit of our employees’ health, it’s important to put a safety distance between them in place. Combined with bottleneck problems of our supply chain, it sees us forced to curb the production of some products.

To make sure that our bestselling products can still be produced, products that have caused bottleneck-supply problems or that take longer to produce will be labeled “out of stock” for the whole month of December (starting end of day November 30th through to December 31st). This applies to our North American platform only, including the domains .com,, and .ca.

Products that will be temporarily labeled “out of stock”:

Product Name Product ID
Buttons large 2.2” (5-pack) 125
Unisex Shawl Collar Hoodie 1388
Baby Bib 1094
Buttons small 1” (5-pack) 127
Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote 378
Women’s T-Shirt Dress 1427
Duffel Bag 636
Baby Cap 1368
Women’s Maternity T-Shirt 992
Canvas Backpack 1441
Computer Backpack 1157
Carry All Pouch 1442
Fanny Pack 1430
Lunch Bag 1445
Bucket Hat 1462

What do you need to do?

Have you adorned any of the products listed above with your designs? Then please make sure to use equivalent products wherever possible, because the customers won’t be able to orders these anymore. And if you create your own promo material, be sure to update it as well.

We’re sorry for any inconvenienced caused, and we’ll appreciate your understanding! It’s been a difficult year, and we’re doing everything we can to bring 2020 to a positive conclusion.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.

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    • The only reason I can think of to stop designing is if your designs only work on that list of products. Otherwise you can catch up on adding those later when they return, meanwhile selling all the very many more products that remain available.

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