One App to Solve Your Problems: SpreadApp BETA

One App to Solve Your Problems: SpreadApp BETA

Big news! With your SpreadApp you can now upload designs, create and publish products and analyze sales – all in one app and directly on your smartphone.

Until now, SpreadApp gave you info on design sales and revenues. With the new SpreadApp beta version, you’ll be able to do so much more: upload designs, create and publish products, and analyze stats wherever you are. You can still do these things in the Partner Area, but the latest SpreadApp version lets you also take care of it on your smartphone, downloads available for iOS and Android.

Upload photos? Straight from phone camera?

Absolutely! Your smartphone is much more than just a camera, photo album or notebook. You use it to work on new projects and every related task. That’s why turning your smartphone into a Partner Area on the go with your SpreadApp is such a good idea.

Use SpreadApp to:

  • upload saved files or photos
  • import photos straight from your phone camera

Just upload a design or photo, add a title and suitable metadata and select the sales channels to publish it on. As long as you have your smartphone on you, you can make changes wherever you are, so they go online directly. You can also edit all your already uploaded designs as well. All changes are immediately synchronized with your Partner Area.

And yes, you can still see your stats to make informed decisions so you can edit sales channel and your account data settings.

So this is beta. Will there be more?

As the release note already shows, the new SpreadApp version is a beta release. This means that some features are not yet fully developed or available.

But you see where the journey is going – and you can help determine the route. In some places, the app contains previews of features that we think may come in handy for you. Would you agree?

Your opinion counts! In the settings of the app, you will find a link where you can give us your feedback. We’ll be sure to read everything and incorporate it into SpreadApp’s further development.

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