Custom Christmas Binging for Your Couch

Custom Christmas Binging for Your Couch

When everything is slowing down towards the end of the year, we’re in search of distraction and entertainment in front of the screen. We’ve put together our Top 5 Binge-Worthy Things to Watch during Christmas for your perfect binge marathon. Oh yes, and tips to dress yourself and the couch!

Home Alone? THE classic!

Just like Kevin, all you want for Christmas is some time for yourself when everyone else is minding their own business. Just a bit of peace and quiet after you wake up to find out a snowstorm has damaged the power lines and all your family have gone. Time to lay a few booby traps to secure the house so no burglar’s gonna distract you when you start the big binge. Now all you need is a cozy hoody or ugly Christmas sweater, some custom pillowcases to add some style to the couch and a thermal mug to keep your drink warm. Adorn them with your favorite movie quotes, and off you go!

God help us, the Griswolds are coming!

Probably the funniest Christmas movie ever made is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s 1989, and Clark Griswold wants to “make Christmas great again” for his family. He’s got a simple plan: put the biggest tree you can find on the roof of your car, buy 25,000 twinkle lights and let the whole world know the Griswolds celebrate like no other family. But when his Christmas bonus gets scrapped and he receives a letter inviting him to the “Jelly of the Month Club”, he hatches an uncanny plan to save Christmas for his loved ones. What could possibly go wrong? Here’s a custom boyfriend sweater to take it easy.

An offer you can’t refuse

The godfather of directors (Francis Ford Coppola) pulls the strings of this mobster trilogy like the most powerful puppet master in the history of cinematography. And what season would be more perfect to devote about 10 hours of your precious time to watch a trilogy depicting the rise to power of Sicilian godfather Don Vito Corleone aka Marlon Brando? As New York’s most charismatic ever mafia boss rules generously, graciously and ruthlessly over his well-organized universe of favors and corruption, you can be sure of his benevolence – as long as you duly obey and respect his rule. But you better not muck his turf! Add a young Robert de Niro and Al Pacino to the mix, and what could possibly be missing? Oh yes, THAT soundtrack composed by Nino Rota. I will stay with you, my love, always so – on a custom mug.

Sharing the couch with Harry & the Hogwarts

Few classics are better suited for your marathon than all eight parts of the Harry Potter. When the couch is set all festive to accommodate your Hogwarts, there’s no stopping the big binge. Grab a butterbeer, some steaming biscuits and immerse yourself in the world of magical creatures for about 20 hours. From the safety of your couch, you will join Harry, Ron and Hermione in their fight against the one whose name we cannot mention. Clad in a large hoodie customized with your favourite quote, you can now kick back and enjoy the journey until the end of the year. Have a box of Kleenex and a custom hoodie handy!

Never forget – you‘re in control of your remote!

You could of course have a go at the Lord of the Rings trilogy, every James Bond movie ever made or Star Wars sequel that you can get your hands on. It so easy to just slouch on your couch and see the days turn into nights as long as there’s still pizza in the freezer and beer in the fridge. But remember – it’s you who’s in control of what you binge, so use your time wisely! This custom T-shirt will help you along the way.

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Are you still watching? Or have you already asleep drinking eggnog? Let us know about your ultimate binge-worthy selection in the comments!
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