How to use the showroom that was launched?

Do any one know how to use the showroom?

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Hi there, what do you mean exactly? Could you be a bit more specific? :slight_smile:

What on earth is the difference between showroom and shop? I just spent a hour editing my showroom thinking it was my shop.

Hey @Menace013,

The Showroom is the portfolio of the designs you published on our marketplace. It allows the customer, who searched on our marketplace and found one of your designs to check what more designs you have. The Showroom shows the products you set up for our marketplace. The prices for all marketplaceproducts are fixed. You have no option change the prices and therefore also no option to change the commission for marketplace products.

Within your shop you have more controll and possibilities to set your prices. A custumer who found your shop will see no other designs from other partners like on the marketplace. Thatswhy you can also change your productprizes as you want to get more income per piece.

On the other hand: For our marketplace we do all the SEO and SEM to bring good traffic and visits to this site. You don’t need to do more than to upload and publish your designs here.
For your Shop you have to bring the visitors to your site by yourself. It is not as easy and more work to bring that traffic to your shop.

Both - shop and showroom (which is just a site on our marketplace) are point of sales but with different effort and different commissionmodels.

I hope this answers your question?

Can you direct me to a stp by step method of showing all my designs in my showroom please? (FYI, I am not new however new to this particular aspect of the site and was not, or missed, the memo on that :slight_smile:
Thanks Rico
Headpin Studios

It can be used to customize your profile which is shown to public and it holds all your products too!

Ahoy @HeadPin,

The showroom will fill autimatically with your designs if you have chosen the marketplace as your sales channel. Currently you have published only 3 of your designs on the marketplace - so only these 3 are visible in the showroom.
Note that Shops and Marketplace are two different point of sales we offer.

Best Rico