My designs featuring vulcan salute are not copyrighted

Hi there,

I have had a lot of my designs rejected for copyright unfairly.

They use the “Vulcan salute” as seen in Star Trek – but since the Vulcan Salute was used by Leonard Nimoy, who simply copied an ancient Jewish gesture used in blessing, this gesture is not copyrighted, if used without any accompanying Star Trek imagery, such a Leonard Nimoys face as Spock.

Can the rejection be removed and publish my designs which feature this?

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Similarly, another rejected design uses the phrase “beam me up” which should be fine. The phrase would surely only be copyrighted if it was “Beam me up, Scotty”?

Can confirm that this gesture was stolen/borrowed from Judaism and therefore it cannot be copyrighted by Star Trek. Hope you get your designs published.

using the Vulcan salute itself isn’t copyrighted, but if your designs include Star Trek stuff like Spock’s face, it might be a problem. As for “beam me up,” it’s a bit trickier. “Beam me up, Scotty” is the famous line, but using similar elements could still infringe on their copyright. Consider talking to a legal expert for a clearer picture. Good luck with your designs, and stay creative within the copyright rules!