People Using the Customize Tool with our Designs Give Us 0$ Commission


We have some designs uploaded and donate money from our revenue to help save the ocean. When people use our design and move our logo with the customize tool, we make 0$ and spreadshirt takes all the money, even if we have set a price for the product. For example 38$ total for a sweatshirt, Spreadshirt’s price is around 20$, and we set an 18$ price, but we get none of the profit. Our shop must be transparent with our purchases and how much we donate to charities for our cause, we can’t do this if Spreadshirt takes all of the profit. Out of approximately 8 sales we have made a $5 commission, even though we have set the design prices way higher. I have disabled the customize tool because this is rediciulous, but i’d like to get money for our designs that were used and also allow people to use the customize tool in the future.

Thanks for your help :).

Hey @User_NA-1832d763,

I can see only one order at the end of august 2019.
Could it be that you tried to order for yourself when you where logged in?
In this case the commission is set to 0$ automatically because you cant earn if you order for yourself.
For a normal customer the price will be as set in your partnerarea.

I hope this helps?