Sales Earnings/Commissions


I am still new to Spreadshirt so I had a few questions regarding commissions. I show on my store that I have sold some product but I do not see an amount in my earnings, it still shows $0.00. Is there a certain level I have to reach in order to receive commissions or am I missing something simple?


This :wink: Your sales are credited after 14 days to have a buffer for f.ex returns, cancellations or what have you.

So wait a bit longer - they’ll appear in due time.


My payout was supposed to be $91.70 but when I checked my bank account I only got paid $78.60…WHY?


I believe that if you do not fill out the correct forms a percentage is taken from your payout.


Okay that must be something new they started. They already have my tax information. I get a form every year at tax time in the US, so why are they taking a percentage of my payout? They’re already getting paid off for the product, that’s like double tapping. SMH


So you reversed the payout, Am I getting another one? I’m pretty confused and upset right about now!:fearful::rage:


could you please contact our partner team (partner@…) They are glad to help you out!