@Sara Newbie with Two Questions

Hi Sara,

I have two questions as I just yesterday logged in after uploading one design several months ago to see what the site was like. I can not find my answers anywhere, so would appreciate some input. :slight_smile:

1- As an artist who sells my designs online and has shops on other PODs, what is the difference here between selling in the Marketplace and opening my own shop? Are shop owner products still found in the marketplace?

2- I’ve had three marketplace sales, but can not find anywhere a place that it shows what sold.

Any help or links would be great. I’ve gone through a lot of the links and forum, but can’t find anywhere which answer these questions.

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Sorryyyyy to leave you hanging! Our low manpower has a real impact here…

To your questions: first of all, you can sell BOTH on the Marketplace & in your Shop. In many cases, even the same designs!

No - unless you explicitly publish your design both on Marketplace and in your shop.

But, which is more beneficial channel for you really depends on your audience. If you have an engaged community / audience or you’re particularly business-savvy or know how to market to a specific niche, I’d say definitely open your own shop!

If however you’re more focused on creating designs and the more artistic side, it might be worth trying out the Marketplace first. That way you could see how your designs work without having to invest tons of time to marketing and everything that is not making new designs :slight_smile: On the Marketplace, we basically do the selling for you. With your own Shop, you can make more money but you are also solely responsible for marketing and reaching your customers.

Your second questions: in the “Statistics”-section in your partner area, there should be a little tab at the top of the page that says “Sales”. Details about your sales should be displayed there :slight_smile:

Also: welcome to the foruuuum…! :trumpet: :notes:

Ah, perfectly answered questions, how refreshing. :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time help me, Sara!


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Here to please, here to please :wink: