Alabama Chooses personalized undies, Florida dresses up dogs

Spreadshirt Reveals Insights into Consumer Buying Habits for Personalized Apparel

Boston, MA – January 27, 2010 – Spreadshirt, a leading online platform for creating, buying and selling “me-shirts”—stylish conversation starters that people love to wear—reveals insights into consumer buying habits based on 2009 sales. In 2009, Spreadshirt showed strong growth in the U.S. market with some months experiencing almost 50% year-over-year growth. Feedback from Spreadshirt customers indicate they are shopping for apparel that is more personal – for gifts and for themselves.

“Our apparel products provide the canvas for customer’s ideas,” said Jana Eggers, Spreadshirt’s CEO. “As for who buys what, some stats had us nodding our heads, while others had us scratching them… why is Alabama so interested in personalized underwear?”

Spreadshirt uncovered these facts for 2009:

  • Alabama consumers love expressing themselves on boxers, briefs and thongs, with 24% more underwear purchased than 2nd-ranked Nevada.
  • Florida has the “best dressed dogs”, ordering 4 times more doggie t-shirts and bandanas than #2 Wyoming and 10 times more than #5 New York.
  • New Mexico and Maine prefer sharp-dressed men with personal flair. Both states bought 25% more personalized ties than their nearest competitors, Florida, Utah, and Minnesota.
  • Hawaiians put their mark on bags – no surprise with all the beautiful beaches to visit! They bought 78% more bags than #2, shopping obsessed, New York.
  • Oklahoma wins “most athletic” (men, women) – beating every other state by more than 3 times in athletic shirt sales, including everyone’s favorite rival Texas.
  • All statistics and comparisons are based on percentages of product sales.

    More state- and region-based Spreadshirt “me-shirt” facts from 2009:

  • Top ordering states per capita were Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Alaska and Connecticut.
  • Top 5 states in absolute orders were California, New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois, with San Francisco and New York City competing for the top spot.
  • The top shirt in North America and Europe was the basic men’s t-shirt. In Europe, the basic women’s shirt came in at #2, but in North America, the best women’s ranking was #4.
  • Top accessory was the computer bag which ranked #1 in North America; aprons took the #1 spot in Europe.
  • Kids and babies apparel took the top 3 spots for organics in Europe, while the top 3 in North America were all adult t-shirts.
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