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Classic Value-T

Classic cut t-shirt out of 100% cotton and a light 155 g/m². The classic with an extremely good price/value ratio.

Measure A (inch) 26.8 28.0 28.7 29.5 30.7
Measure B (inch) 19.7 21.3 22.0 23.2 24.0

Custom Polo Shirts from Spreadshirt

Our custom polo shirts for men and women are great for all occasions. No matter the circumstance, personalized polos from Spreadshirt is the right choice.

With Spreadshirt we put you in control. Go to our T-Shirt Maker to launch your own custom polo shirt with personalized text and images. Need inspiration? Our Marketplace has tons of designs and product styles to choose from, whether that's long sleeves or hoodies.

Custom Polo Shirt Anatomy

The personalized polo shirt is unique among t-shirts. Its collar is perhaps its most identifying feature. Whether you lay it flat or turn it up, our custom polo shirts are great for a day on the tennis courts or the golf course. After all, the polo t-shirt was designed by a tennis player. So why not take it a step further off the court and wear your personalized polo shirt from Spreadshirt?

It’s not a custom polo shirt without buttons. For those of us that love to mix business and pleasure, personalized polos are the perfect choice to walk that line. Our customized polo shirts have three buttons for the laid-back corporate atmosphere. Wear your personalized polo to the office on casual Fridays and into the evening at the restaurant or club.

The cuff is the last feature that defines a custom polo. When you wear your custom polo shirt from Spreadshirt, the sleeve cuff conforms to the contours of your arm. Originally designed to elevate performance on the tennis court, Spreadshirt’s custom polo shirts can help you elevate your game at work or on Saturday night.

Problems the Custom Polo Shirt Solves

Now that you have the anatomy of the custom polo down, let's talk about some of the problems the personalized polo solves, like:

Comfort: the custom polo was designed to allow tennis players to "breathe." Now we know you're not going to be playing tennis in your custom polo shirt, but it's nice to know that the polo's intent is to keep you as comfortable as possible. Match with some stylish shorts here for the ultimate tennis experience.

Versatility: play tennis, golf, polo, bowling, rugby or hit the social scene at a bar, night club, lounge, or concert. It really doesn't matter where you go or what you do, a custom polo shirt is always the right choice.

Style: collar up or down, buttoned or unbuttoned, cuffed sleeves or uncuffed. Whatever style you're feeling is the style for you, and custom polos make it happen.

The Personalized Polo Shirt Experience at Spreadshirt

It’s not just the polo shirt; it’s the custom polo shirt experience. Once you decide on your personalized polo style and color, don’t forget to personalize your design using Spreadshirt’s t-shirt printing. It’s great for corporate events, uniforms, and getting social. The custom polo shirt is a guaranteed favorite no matter where you go, and with Spreadshirt’s fast delivery and quality t-shirt printing, your personalized polo will be ready when you are.

And creating a polo shirt with Spreadshirt is easier than ever. Our custom T-Shirt Designer is user-friendly, which makes it simple to create amazing custom polos and other custom design t-shirts. You shouldn't let technology get in the way of wearing and selling custom polos that you're proud of. Your label just got that much more trendier.

Simply click on the link to the T-Shirt Maker above and follow the instructions to create premier clothing line custom polos and personalized polo shirts. And if you're not in the mood for a custom polo, you can always change your product that you want to design with the click of the mouse.

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