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You pick your friends, but blood runs in the family

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I order for?

Order for as many people as you like! If you are ordering 50 items or more, our bulk service offers you the personal attention and care of a bulk team specialist.

How many items do I need to order to receive a discount?

Discounts begin at just 6 items. Your discount percentage increases depending on how many items you order. Click here to see the breakdown.

Can I personalize each item (e.g. with a name or number), or do they all need to be the same?

Each and every one of your items can be different. Different sizes, styles, colors and designs are all possible and all count toward your volume discount.

Do I have to use a Spreadshirt design, or can I upload my own?

You can do either. The only difference is that orders printed with uploaded designs are not eligible for refund. They will be credited with a Spreadshirt voucher, however.

Can I return some items and keep the rest? How does that affect my discount?

You can return any number of items from your order. Our system will readjust the amount you are due back based on volume and the number of items returned.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Spreadshirt accepts credit and debit card payments and PayPal payments.

What types of shipping do you offer?

We offer three shipping types: standard (estimated delivery time 2-7 days), premium (estimated delivery time 2-5 days) and express (estimated delivery time 2-3 days). Tiered pricing applies. Click here to see the breakdown.

Can my order contain more than one product type (e.g. some t-shirts, some hoodies)?

Your order can contain any number of different items. T-shirts, hoodies, aprons, tank tops—it’s all possible and all counts towards your volume discount.

Can use a coupon code on top of my volume discount?

You can use a coupon code from a running promotion on top of your volume discount. Simply add the code during checkout, and the applicable promotion will be applied on top of your volume discount. Exceptions may apply for specific promotions.

Can I order samples before I make my group/large order?

You can order sample products prior to making your final order. The samples are for quality check only and will not be printed with a design. You will pay the base price for each sample item ordered and receive a refund upon return.

You pick your friends, but blood runs in the family

Celebrate Memorable Events with Family Members

Celebrate good times with personalized family reunion T-shirt. Ideas for awesome shirts are just a mouse click away! A family event is a fantastic occasion to demonstrate that you belong together, and what better day to express it to the outside world than by wearing matching t-shirts? The photos you’re going to take will show the whole of your clan connected by a uniform appearance. It’s completely up to you to customize the shirts so that everyone will be all happy and smiles. Just make your shirts a great fit for your family!

Customize Artwork Templates with Text

At Spreadshirt, you will find easy and straightforward solutions to customize artwork templates with names, fun slogans and any other text you like. Just pick one of the templates you’ll find in our T-Shirt Designer and add text in the right places. This way, you are going to create artistic looking T-shirts that are a joy to wear for everyone. You’ll find matching product colors across the board for men, women and children. Check out our big selection of sizes ranging from tiny tees for toddlers to 3XL shirts for tall people.

Personalized Family Reunion T-Shirt Ideas

When personalizing your custom family reunion shirts, it goes without saying that you’re doing each and every family member a huge favor. Simply put, you’ll be the star of the family event when you show some responsibility. Once uncle Joe and granny Johnson slip on their shirts, you can be sure that auntie Mary and grandpa Williams will beam with joy. You’re sure to impress the in-laws as well, and who would say that this is not a bad thing either? Spread the love for the family, and create your own family reunion shirts with Spreadshirt today.

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