Product Colors: It’s Not All Black and White


When it comes to the best-selling product colors, black and white are the undisputed kings of the ring for almost every article.  Including these two colors in your offerings should be a given; but when it comes to which secondary colors you should be offering, the waters get a little murkier.  You may ask yourself, “Are people still into yellow,” or “which shade of blue do I offer?”

We’ve cleared up the issue with a shortlist of the best-selling products and their best-selling colors from the first 9 months of 2016 in four of the major product categories: t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves and tank tops. This almost-yearlong glimpse should help you get a grip on the color conundrum.


We’re a t-shirt company.  It’s no wonder that the men’s and women’s standard tees set the bar in the t-shirt category.  We bet you didn’t think that these colors would be the next best sellers, though.


Heather gray takes the bronze in both the men’s and women’s hoodies.  Go figure, as it’s a blend of black and white.  Though the Men’s and Women’s Premium Hoodies come in a close second, the standards sit atop the hoodie category.

Long Sleeves

Sensing a trend, here?  Grays are a strong third across most of the major clothing categories.  Having various shades of blue and gray in your selection is an absolute must when aiming to cover all of the most popular colors.

Tank Tops

You’d be surprised to know that even in the colder months, tank tops still tend to sell very well.  They’re not just for the beach—a nice tank can be worn at the gym, as an under layer, or lounging around the house.

Put out a bowl of M&M’s or Skittles, and you’ll inevitably see that certain colors get gobbled up quickly while certain colors get left behind.  The premise is the same, here.  Now that you’re aware that shades of blue, gray and red fall in line closely after black and white, you have the upper hand.

Have you noticed that certain colors do better in your Shop than others?  Do you agree with our numbers?  Let us know in the comments.  We’d love to hear your feedback!

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  1. Another VERY informative blog post. It’s great to have “inside information” on the most popular garment colors and even better when it’s broken down by gender. I can also use this information when making t-shirt ads!

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!


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