Removing the Design Price Cap in Spreadshirt’s Create Tool

Removing the Design Price Cap in Spreadshirt’s Create Tool

We recently received a lot of Partner feedback regarding a design price cap implemented in Spreadshirt’s Create Tool. We have listened to your feedback, and have come up with a different solution that we believe will work for all involved: We have decided to remove the design price cap from the Spreadshirt Create Tool at the end of June. As a result, we will be changing how prices and designs are displayed.

The recent changes to the Create Tool’s design algorithm were met with a lot of criticism. The most frequently-raised concern was the decision to place a design price cap on designs available to customers in the Create Tool.

This cap* will be removed at the end of June. Moving forward, customers will pay for the design price in addition to the print price. All designs with a design price will have a price tag on them so that customers know exactly what they are paying for each design use. These price tags will look just like the prices shown on our base products in the Create Tool.

We are currently testing product and print prices on our French and American domains. These tests will provide us with more insight into customer behavior, design use and the specific distribution of price elements.

We are constantly optimizing our search algorithm to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. We will use the same ranking factors for the design search results, but with a different weighting. The optimized algorithm will give design relevance even more weight. The algorithm will also give design sales statistics more weight, as well as the language and country in which they are searched.

These changes will allow customers to decide for themselves how much they are willing to pay for a design.

We hope that we were able to provide a favorable solution for you and your customers, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this situation.

*Price cap for the platforms was as follows:
US = USD 3.50
CA = CAD 4.00
AUD = AUD 4.38

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    • Hi Lena,

      I hope you are well, here is a little extra info:

      In the first 21 days of July, I sold on average 17 designs per day (and yesterday only one!). In June it was 30 designs per day (and 31 designs per day in May), June is therefore 43% lower than june or may.

      As a comparison, my sales in july 2016 were only 20% lower than the two previous months.

      While this is certainly partially caused by a seasonal effect (people being on holidays), I believe the other half of the reduction might be caused by the ‘Show free designs only’ function.

      I hope you will understand my worry.

      Best regards,

  1. Dear Spreadshirt team,

    I just noticed my number of sales sharply decreased and this seems to coincide with the ‘Show free designs only’ button on the create tool… and it also coincides with the start of july, and sales are lower during the summer month. I’m unable to draw any conclusion but can only expect it to have a significant impact on sales.

    My designs are priced at 2.50 USD and am really worried as it currently represents a large share of my household’s income.

    Could you share some insights on how the new results impact designers with a pricing below the previous 3.50USD limit?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Martin,

      Can you let me know your partnerID please so I can have a closer look at your results?


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