Professional Facebook Ads: Fast, Easy & Cheap

Professional Facebook Ads: Fast, Easy & Cheap

It’s Spreadshirt 101 that Marketplace Designers and Shop Owners should always be promoting new products and discount campaigns on Facebook. It’s super important to make your customers aware of new products and campaigns in an appealing and timely manner, otherwise you could lose out on a bunch of potential sales; however, creating ad campaigns can be time consuming and kind of a pain.  This article will teach you how to create professional-looking Facebook ads, cheaply and easily.

Spreadshirt partner Place-it has just released a new set of fantastic T-shirt and video mockup templates. Even without any Photoshop skills, Shop Owners and Marketplace Designers can take advantage of their easy-to-use ad-maker to create new promo material for Facebook in a matter of clicks. Use it to promote new designs and advertise promo campaigns. Next to boosting your sales, the tool also comes in handy to fill your customers in on important news and changes.


Place-it’s Facebook Ad maker works in any language. For as little as $8, you can choose a promo template that’s both artistic and trendy. Better still, you gain unlimited access to the template you buy. The choice of professional templates makes it a joy to share your stuff. Your promos will look better and more professional, and can be created with ease.

Easy. Effective. Inexpensive.

This is how easy it is to use Place-it’s Facebook ad maker:

  1. Visit
  2. Chose a template for your ad
  3. Upload your design or logo
  4. Adjust your design on the template the way you like
  5. Change background and/or T-shirt color
  6. Download the image for $8

Enjoy sharing more content with a professional appeal, and keep your customers up-to-date with your news, products and promos. Spread the excitement and boost your sales!


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