Can I do different designs on the front and back?



I have a design I’m working on for my dodgertees shop but it’s a two-part design with one design going on the front and a separate design on the back. Is that possible? I can go with just the front design, but it would be even better with the second part on the back.

Add different design to the back

Heya, what’s your User ID?


So, is it possible to do front and back, how to do it?


Yes! Just click on the back of the shirt and add a design to it and save it. You can have any design you want on front and back, and they can be different.


Hmm, no, this doesn’t work for me. In fact I can’t even figure out a way to put a single design anywhere other than the front. Maybe this is the old shop vs new shop issue? It sounds like the old shop had a lot of critical features that are missing in the new shop.


Sorry, I don’t know how I missed this request. My shop id is dodgertees.


You can move a design to the back (I just figured out that to do it you need to drag the design down to the Back icon) but I want to put a different design on the back, like an A design on the front and a B design on the back, which I understand isn’t possible with the current designer.


Whoa, somehow I haven’t gotten alerts about replies here, either! Sorry, folks. :dizzy_face:

This is certainly a question of old vs. new user area. In the old partner area, you can add designs on all print areas. In the new partner area, that is unfortunately not possible yet.

All users will be migrated to the new area eventually.


Thanks, Sara. I had seen info somewhere else that told me that multiple designs weren’t available on a product but I forgot to add a link to the info here. I’ll try to find it again and add it so it’s a little easier to find for people who find this thread.


Has this been resolved? Will it be resolved? If not, I will need to find another solution.


Not to my knowledge, no.

Spreadshirt Changes?

Has this been resolved? Will it be resolved? If not, I will need to find another solution.

Not yet, no - but we are working on it. As said already elsewhere on this forum, the feature was not introduced right at the beginning as it’s relatively little used, yet the development of it is very time & manpower intensive. Other, much more crucial & vital features have been prioritised.

Still though… it’s planned, for Q2 this year, to be a little more precise :wink:

Two pics in the same shirt

Any updates on this? Luckily, I have an old account with the old designer, so I have a way to do front and back for the time being–but I’d really like to do this in my new shop!

Oh…and if it’s not coming soon, please pass on that some of us would like to delay the inevitable migration of old accounts to the new tool as long as possible!


Thanks for the feedback!

Now… I hate to be the bearer of bad news :frowning:

But I just got a fresh update and unfortunately this won’t happen in Q2. The requirements for this are quite complex and some other features have been prioritised.

It really sucks though for many partners, but I’ll keep transferring the requests for this functionality.

New members: introduce yourself!

Will this be coming for Q3, as I really enjoy the quality of your shirts here, but can’t design what I want front and back. Please advise. Thanks.


No, not in Q3. Maybe in Q4 but Q4 projects only get prioritized at the end of Q3 so I can’t give you more information yet I’m afraid.


I don’t want my old user account migrated to the new area with lesser functionality - why on earth would Spreadshirt do this?


Don’t worry, you won’t get migrated with less functionalities. Having more than one design on a product is one of many pre-requisites for the migration.


Is there any way for a new user to get rolled back? I REALLY need this functionality for my Non Profit fundraising.


No, there isn’t. Thanks for your patience!