Revolution in Spreadshirt Platform Empowers Partners

Innovation enables partners to publish ideas globally and profit quickly

Spreadshirt, the ecommerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, has heavily invested in their core technology creating a new Partner Area that allows for simple, fast, and intuitive international publishing. Spreadshirt is the only company to offer three different models on one platform: selling via marketplaces, via white-label ecommerce shops, and via the create-your-own technology. As partners and their content are the heart of the Spreadshirt platform, steep improvements to make merchandizing easy are a high priority. This recent technology milestone moves the Spreadshirt community closer to the goal of publishing any idea everywhere in less than 60 seconds.


Easy and intuitive: Spreadshirt partners can now create up to 40 products at once thanks to the new Partner Area.

The Partner Area acts as a command center for more than 70,000 partners worldwide to manage their ideas, products, and shops. It is now live, and feedback from partners describe it as simple, fun, and fast due to:

  • Rapid onboarding of new partners
  • Ease of shop setup and rapid publishing of ideas
  • Easy adjustment to assortment changes
  • Virtual, scaleable, and easy inventory management
  • Multi product creation (up to 40 products at once)
  • Multi country access – EU partners have access to 14 new countries; US partners automatically reach the Spreadshirt marketplaces in Canada and Australia

The new Partner Area enhancements empower Spreadshirt´s Marketplace unit to surpass the RedBubble platform and strengthen the Merchandizing Services unit to outperform TeeSpring.

“The new Partner Area is a major achievement for future proofing and revolutionizing the Spreadshirt platform. A glance at the surface of our tweaked platform does not reveal the tremendous effort and platform restructuring that has been underway since 2014. Numerous teams toiled in parallel to ensure that multiple pieces and backend components work together smoothly. As our development is agile, the Partner Area will improve with each future iteration and there is still a lot up our sleeve,” notes Spreadshirt CTO Guido Laures.

The Spreadshirt grand plan is poised to unfold in 2017 as powered by a superior Partner Area enabling international publishing and a devoted, creative, and innovative technology team.

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