Spreadshirt’s Record-Breaking 2012

Sales and Growth are hallmarks of 2012 success

Boston, MA – February 13, 2013 – Despite a cyclical economy, Spreadshirt had record-breaking sales of over $83.7M globally, $31.4M NA, a commendable 58% growth rate in the US and 32% global revenue growth, and opened a second US production facility in 2012 in order to meet consumer and corporate demand. The robust sales and products shipped growth fueled record hiring- headcount increased by over 100% in the US from 2011 to 2012.

Spreadshirt, the e-commerce platform for creating, buying and selling ideas on things that consumers love to share, wear, and carry, is a global company with US headquarters in Boston, MA and production facilities in Greensburg, PA and Henderson, Nevada. Spreadshirt shattered records in December (very pivotal month for sales): Q4 global results were impressive- revenue was up 30% over Q3, YoY growth of 24% and beating expectations by 20%.

Other notable statistics and trends for 2012 include:

  • >46,000 active partners
  • >27,000 active designers
  • 3 million shipped products worldwide

“Spreadshirt’s growth in the US shows that our e-commerce platform, with its risk-free approach and top quality offering, is really resonating with both consumers and brands alike,” said Phillip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt. “The Spreadshirt platform is becoming the global market leader – our growth rates continue to accelerate, we have added extra production facilities and staff to meet demand. 2012 was a very exciting year for Spreadshirt as we grew, strengthened our profit margin and self-funded the new factory. But this only sets the scene for 2013 when Spreadshirt has radical improvements in the pipeline shops and platform usability, and will extend our printable products offering. Further to that we will add 2 to 3 new countries each year for the next four years-further grabbing global market share and enhancing our international presence.”

In addition, Spreadshirt automatically launches top sellers in Amazon as of November 2012 further boosting sales. Mark Venezia, VP Sales and Marketing, NA, reports, “The US numbers will continue to accelerate as we ramp up our brand affiliations’ and engaged partnershops. We could be at full production capacity in the new Henderson facility by year end which would require adding headcount to our team of loyal Spreaders and elevate the Spreadshirt brand to soon become a household word.”

Spreadshirt’s opening of a second production facility in the US created much needed and stable American jobs in a very high unemployment region. Other notable achievements and recognition for 2012 include: jumping up nearly 1000 spots on Inc.’s annual 500|5000 list in one year, winning the Inc. hiring award, making hottest Internet Retailer 100 list, Tech 200 list, and silver for Best in Biz.

About Spreadshirt
Spreadshirt (www.spreadshirt.com), the leading e-commerce platform lets anyone create, sell and buy ideas on things consumers love to wear, use, and carry. For the more than 45,000 active online shops selling around the world in 2012, the Spreadshirt platform offers a flexible, risk-free, print-on-demand approach with multiple points of sale. Spreadshirt’s fulfillment service handles everything from production and payment to shipping and customer service.

Founded in 2002 in Leipzig Germany, Spreadshirt is a global company with Headquarters in Germany and the United States and factories in North America, Germany and Poland to allow rapid delivery to customers. For additional information, visit Spreadshirt on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook.

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