My Shirt, My Voice: Eikes Top Motivation Shirts

Everyday life is easier to take when your wadrobe offers a bit of a choice. And what do you do when an everyday outfit just doesn’t cut it for a special occasion? Think sport events, nights out and family gatherings – different events require different styles. And you can express different ideas on each event. Show support for your team, blow your own trumpet and say something only people close to you understand. The sky is the limit to your imagination, you can be as extreme and eccentric as you like. Within the boundaries of good taste, you can make a show of a chant for your club, pass comment on a political development or tell your little sister ”Our dog’s called Lassy, Olivia! Don’t forget the L!” These are my top 4 slogans, check them out: A t-shirt, jumper or top for special days:

Even a simple slogan can cause quite a stir when worn on the right occasion. A couple of years ago I wore my plain white “I love Marathons” when I went to watch the London Marathon. On this day, heaps of smiling athletes gave me sympathetic looks, and I was happy to be able to show my support for the sport. The best moment of the day was when one of the participants asked me – while he was running – whether I felt like stepping in for him out so that he could go for a pint instead. I told him that he had to wait until later when he could meet me at the King’s Head, and that made a fair few people around me break out in laughter. Maybe this gave the guy added motivation to get to the finish line faster, who knows…

So my t-shirt did a good deed on the day, and that’s at least something. You can surely do the same. What is the slogan that you would print on a t-shirt to get other motivated?


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