How to Create Your Own Fonts

How to Create Your Own Fonts

With the large variety of fonts online, you’re probably wondering why you’d ever need to create your own. Fonts communicate the tone of written messages. Simply bolding a word can change the whole perception of a sentence. If you’re looking for the right typeface to get your message across, say goodbye to scrolling through font libraries, we’re here to show you how to create your own!

Turn your handwriting into a font

Creating your own font is as easy as writing the alphabet. There are free online tools and resources that will bring your handwriting from paper to the screen with ease. Calligraphr can do this in three easy steps.

  1. Print the Calligraphr font template
  2. Populate the template using the pen and handwriting of your choice
  3. Take a snapshot and upload it to Calligraphr’s interface.

Voila! Your font is generated. Easy enough, right? Never again will you have to spend hours searching for that one special font for your t-shirt design! Of course, practice makes perfect, but with a bit of patience and imagination, you’ll soon create an amazing typeface that will make your customers’ jaws drop!

Custom fonts for custom t-shirts

Why create your own fonts?

Have you ever imagined the perfect t-shirt font, but had trouble finding the right typeface to match your vision? We know the feeling. Creating your own font doesn’t only solve that problem, it gives you the power to bring an idea to life.  Plus, it’s nice to use your own crafty font freely! You’ll no long have to worry about licensing and legal issues, it’s 100% yours. You can…

  • WOW your friends and customers
  • Show off your design skills
  • Create AMAZING t-shirt designs
  • Improve your brand’s visual identity
  • Create amazing header images for social media and your Spreadshirt shop

And there you have it! Creating corporate, professional fonts can be a little more complex, but if you’re looking to try something new and have fun with your creativity, give Calligraphr or another free font tool a try!

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