Your Holiday Calendar: January-March 2021

Your Holiday Calendar: January-March 2021

Discover all of the upcoming holidays and events that will have customers shopping for designs. Check out our calendar for January-March 2021 and get inspired!

In 2021, everything will be different (fingers crossed). So, we’ve created a calendar with the most important holidays and events to get you through the first quarter of the year. Create the most wanted and festive designs by checking out the holiday lineup from January through March. We’ve covered the classics like Valentine’s Day on February 14th, International Women’s Day on March 8th and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Additionally, we’ve included international occasions and awareness days.

While we’re moving towards getting life as we know it back on track, the beginning of the year might still be a little strange. For example, St. Patrick’s Day could be more lowkey this year. This is where your creativity comes in! St. Patrick’s Day can still be celebrated at home or by wearing shades of green on a festive spring walk.

Speaking of staying home, how about promoting International Sweatpants Day on January 21, 2021? If there’s one item of clothing that deserves a dedicated day—it’s the stretchy waistband we’ve all come to love.

Feeling inspired? There are many other occasions and seasonal trends around the world that you can consider when creating designs. Wow people with holidays they never knew existed!

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Still have questions about the upcoming design occasions? Leave a comment here or discuss with others in the forum.

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