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If it’s custom boxers you want, look no further than Spreadshirt’s classic boxer shorts. Our custom boxers and other types of custom underwear are designed for maximum comfort and style.

At Spreadshirt, finding the right boxer shorts is simple. You can choose from loads of designs to customize your men’s boxers. Just go to our Designer and start your custom boxer adventure with personalized text, colors, and images. Whether you personalize boxers for you or a special someone, when it comes to custom clothing, the Spreadshirt experience is a guaranteed winner.

Custom Boxers vs. Briefs

The custom boxers vs. briefs classic debate has raged on in pop culture for years. In 1994 Laetitia Thompson asked President Clinton on MTV for his preference (it's briefs). Since then, the custom boxers vs. briefs issue has been a favorite pop question for celebrities and presidents alike. The public is dying to know, along with what other kinds of custom underwear people wear. Check out Spreadshirt's assortment of custom thongs.

It all depends on the level of comfort the user desires and the situation at hand. While exercising or a physical job might require brief support, customized boxers or even custom panties are right for all other occasions. That could be a social night out on the town, lounging around the house, or a day at the office. Custom boxers provide you with the comfort and style that you need.

And when it gets late, don’t let your whitey-tighties ruin the mood. Briefs are just too juvenile. Your personalized boxers will definitely score you points with your loved one. With our custom designs you are in total control of whatever message you want to send them. So do your special someone a favorite and keep the briefs at the gym and wear your custom boxers from Spreadshirt with confidence.

The Spreadshirt Difference

At Spreadshirt, we won’t take sides in the custom boxers vs. briefs war, but what we will do is offer high-quality printing, fast delivery, and exceptional customer service. Want to built your personal brand further? Head over to our free T-Shirt Shop and sell your personalized boxer shorts, hoodies, and other custom apparel, like our wide range of bags. That way, everyone will know that you’re a custom boxers man.

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